Another Super Mario Bros 4 Is A Game For Wii U, gamecube, and 3ds.

Story For The Game:

The heroes are takeing a walk with peach but then bowser sr kidnaps peach.

its up to mario, luigi, wario, waluigi, birdo and boshi to defeat bowser sr.


1. Toad Town - Boss Of World: Kamek

2. Lakitu Beach - Boss Of World: Lakibill

3. Baby Park - Boss Of World: Koopa The Quick*

4. Poisioned Sea - Boss Of World: Cheepskipper

5. Speedy Cave - Boss Of World: Metal Sonic*

6. Koopa Mill - Boss Of World: Mummipokey

7. Bowser sr's Volcano - Boss Of World: Bowser sr

  • Means That Boss Can Be Raced


Story Mode: Bowser sr Has Kidnapped Peach.

D.I.Y Mode: Create Your Own Worlds, Levels, Bosses And Storyline

Pure Mode*: Create Your Own Chars.

  • Means It Is Unlockable

How To Unlock Pure Mode:

Defeat Bowser sr.