Super Mario Fanon

Avatar is the hero and the leader of the Galaxy warriors. She is the younger adopted sister of Mario and luigi and the lover of skyman.


Avatar was born before the hexwing attack started. When she was born, she was pulled out of her nursery by her former brothers wario and waluigi and was put in an escape pod. The hexwings were attacking and they can't leave avatar in this.

When wario had promised that they'll still watch down on her, they were killed after avatar was shot out into the Galaxy and down near a river. Meanwhile when Mario and luigi were out exploring what could be out in the forest, they heard a crying baby sounding like a wolf.

They both checked and saw avatar who had a tail of a wolf. They noticed she was infected with a virus that mutates herself into a wolf. They then adopt the little lady and took care of her. But then they noticed The hexwing army was after avatar only.

Then the Mario brothers had decided to send avatar away to a safer place. Then when avatar got older, she then was described in the prophecy as the leader of the Galaxy warriors. Then she built this squad.