Beardo is a Birdo. She is the only Birdo who has the special ability to grow facial hair.

She is friends with Goombarbe, Koopbeard and Boord. They are all part of the Mushroom Kingdom Beard Appreciation Club.

Beardo is a sweet and smart Birdo, but with a short fuse and patience. She lives with her mother, Beerdo, who is an alcoholic. She would like to one day leave home to get away from this toxic environment. She used to cut but has managed to keep it under control since then. People used to make fun of her appearance, which didn't help. She used to be a boy, but identified as a girl, so she has started taking hormones behind her mom's back. In the meantime she is a crossdresser (you can't tell she's a guy), until she can leave her mother after high school.

Beardo has a crush on Boord, because she likes strong, tough guys with a manly beard, all of which Boord has. She met Boord and the others after she accidentally ate a Beard mushroom and was mortified. She joined the Mushroom Kingdom Beard Appreciation Club to find out how to get rid of her beard, but she has grown to accept it and has become attached to its members, especially Boord. She has come onto him by once saying, "I spit rather than swallow."

Beardo acts as a contact between the Mushroom Kingdom Police Department and the Mushroom Kingdom Beard Appreciation Club. Daisy is her godmother, and she gets on very well with her.

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