Boom Boom is the most well-known of the species of the same name. He is a high ranking member of the Koopa Troop.

Appearences Edit

Super Mario Moose Edit

Boom Boom appears in Super Mario Moose as the boss and main villain of World Boom Boom. He was originally going to be a main boss, but he was replaced by the Koopalings.

Mario All-Star Sluggers Edit

Boom Boom appears in Mario All-Star Sluggers as a new playable character.

Mario Tennis: Court Chaos Edit

Boom Boom will appear in Mario Tennis: Court Chaos as a new playable character. He will be a power character.

New Super Mario Bros Reborn. Edit

Boom Boom is fought in World Palaces, he is fought in World 1, World 3, World 5, World 7, and World 8 along with Pom Pom. He usually does his Main Attack, swinging him arms around and jumping. But he can also have wings. Kamek can make him gigantic.

Newer Super Mario Bros U: The Movie Edit

Two Boom Boom fights appear in Newer Super Mario Bros U: The Movie. The first appearance is on Grates Fortress (Mushroom Way's Fortress level), where he challenges Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad and Mark Evans using his main attack. When the crew reaches Vanilla Snowland's Fortress level, Kamek made him gigantic. Only Mark Evans can stop this using Fireball Knuckle. Boom Boom, after the 2nd hit, starts being angry, and Kamek made him a tanooki tail. Boom Boom sees Mark Evans performing a new move, known as Zero the Hand. Zero the Hand has stopped Boom Boom for forever.

Media Appearences Edit

Warioz's Amazing Adventures Edit

Boom Boom first appears in the episode Wario vs. Boom Boom, where he challenges Wario into a fight and loses.