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Constitutional Empire of United Creatures
Motto: All creatures stand united and strong.
Official language(s) Koopan
Recognised national languages Koopan and English
Recognised regional languages Many languages. Goombish, Koopan, and English
Ethnic groups  Hundreds of species
Demonym Creatures
Government Constitutional Presidential Federation
 -  President Tory Guy
 -  Chancellor Fejeri Zox
 -  Independence 1225 BC 
 -  New Constitution 1978 
 -   estimate 647,000,000 
GDP (nominal)  estimate
 -  Total 932,000,000 coins (1st)
Currency Hicks
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +23

The Constitutional Empire of United Creatures is a nation. Many parts of it were conquered by Dark Land after the Small CEOUC vs Koopia War.


The land that would later become the CEOUC was formerly part of the Koopan Empire/Koopia. It was barbarian lands. Emperor Koopernicus Maximus would allow his troops to kidnap the barbarians and make the barbarians peasants. In 1223 different barbarian tribes of different creatures united and wrote a declaration of independence. Koopernicus didn't accept the U.C declaration of independence. The barbarians got angry and then the U.C revolutionary war started. It lasted for 2 years. Finally in 1225 the U.C won. The new nation formed. But then conflict happened. The top barbarian generals that fought the U.C revolutionary war disagreed over what the CEOUC government should be like. The barbarian soldiers sided with certain generals. Then a brutal civil war started. It lasted for 10 years. In 1235 the war ended the winner being the army of Edwadimore Crolick who led the Crolickian army. The government became an republic and Edwadimore Crolick became the president of the CEOUC. The new government was recognized by the citizens as being even more tyrannical than the Koopia Empire. Many fled to Koopia and the Mushroom Kingdom. The CEOUC conquered many nations and enslaved prisoners of war. The government was horrible. It lasted like this for hundreds of years. Things changed in 1945. President Goombator Gogulous wanted to conquer the Koopia Republic. This resulted in Mushroom World War 4. However in 1950 King Morton Koopa Sr helped out Koopia and finally managed to conquer many territories of the CEOUC but not the entire country. Goombator Gogulous was hung.


The CEOUC is a republic where a president is elected. The president serves as the Head of State but he appoints a Chancellor who is the head of government.