Contains: Sexual Content, Nudity, Blood & Gore, Strong Language, Cartoon Violence, Naughty Chuckles and a lots of alcahol

Game Voice Cast
King Totomesu Jerry Trainor
Daisy Sunset Carolyn Lawrence
Laura Lillian


Victoria Justice
Rocky the

Chain Chomp

Bill Farmer
Ramuh the


Steven Blum
Shadow the


Steven Blum
Luigi Charles Martinet
Mario Charles Martinet
Yoshi Frank Welker
King Richard Hugh Jackman
Queen Lillian Glenn Close
DK Bill Farmer
Antasma the

Bat King

Christopher Lloyd
Cyrus Prower Ian Corlett
E-123 Omega Steven Blum


Tom Kenny
Captain Tobias


Clancy Brown
Captain Fluffy


Susan Egan
Tiger Tabbitha Jerry Trainor
Tobias "Steroid"

Tabbitha, Jr.

Veronica Taylor
Peter Tim Curry
Ivy the Tanooki Jennifer Tilly
Kenny the


Frank Welker
Popple the

Shadow Thief

Charles Martinet
Croco Charles Martinet
Waluigi Charles Martinet
Wario Charles Martinet
Jack Frost

The Eagle

Angelina Jolie
Cream the Rabbit Ariana Grande
Vanilla the Rabbit Veronica Taylor
Cheese the Hero Chao Kate Higgins
Chuckola the Hero Chao Kate Higgins
Miley Rosa Prower II Ariana Grande
Pauline Angelina Jolie
Buffy Anne Summers Sarah Michelle Gellar
Princess Peach Toadstool Sarah Michelle Gellar
Toadsworth Charles Martinet
Mona Elizabeth Gillies
Shadaisy "Egggirl" Robotnik Elizabeth Gillies
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock
Ginny Mario Elizabeth Gillies

. Daisyland is the only M-Rated Game in the Mario Franchise. Starring Jerry Trainor as King Totomesu, Steven Blum as Shadow the Hedgehog and Ramuh the Hedgehog, Bill Farmer as Rocky the Chain Chomp, Susan Egan as Captain Fluffy, Victoria Justice as Laura Mario and Spongebob Squarepants's Carolyn Lawrence as Former Princess of Sarasaland, Daisy Sunset.



After Daisy killed Tatanga without knowing that (or caring if) he was Captain Fluffy's Father Tobias, after her father Richard treated Daisy like a failure at life (Not just for killing Tatanga, but for falling in love with Luigi too much in her life), she is forced to give up her rights as heir of Sarasasaland and she blames Fluffy for ruining her life. As Daisy, along with her daughter Laura, her pet Rocky and her father figure King Totomesu, were forced to move out of Sarasaland never to lay one foot there again.

Episode 1: 9 Lives ruinedEdit

After doing paid volunteer work many days later, Daisy's still unhappy about being overthrown and having her life ruined (thanks to Fluffy), so she decided to ruin Fluffy's life; nine of them. So Daisy walks out of her Motel room and heads over to the Mushroom Colosseum after picking up her trusty baseball bat and walks towards Fluffy wearing her Athletic outfit. As she is about to threaten the cat with a baseball bat by pounding it horizontally to Daisy's  palm, Fluffy tells her that she's been training for weeks for the National Mushroom Long Track Race. As Daisy thinks over that beating her to the race is more fun than beating her senseless nine times, Fluffy explains that Waluigi Promised to set the party for Fluffy's Victory and invite everyone over except Daisy. As Daisy asks why she's the only one not invited to the Party, Fluffy explains that Waluigi just doesn't like Daisy that much anymore. She then tells Fluff that she'll save the pummling for later and leaves.

After heading over to the Wario's house in Diamond City, Daisy goes to Wario's back yard as Wario is helping out Waluigi with the Decorations and the Fluffy Tabbitha Paper Mache. She insults the Paper Mache by the name "Paper Mon key", Waluigi scolds back that he has been working on the Mache for a week, then Daisy said that weak is right, and  he should go for a strong. Waluigi scolds Daisy to Buzz off. After asking Waluigi about the rumor telling that Daisy's uninvited to the victory party, Waluigi replies over the fact that she told him that Daisy killed Tatanga weeks ago. When she asked Waluigi about the hedge being "as ugly as hell" Waluigi agrees and tell he'd trim it if his Chainsaw wasn't in Pauline's Workshop at Toad Town. Then she leaves Wario's House and Diamond City.

More Prologues will come later. . .