"Your Like A Smelly Flink Rat Who

Born Bean-Bean Kingdom
Residence With Midbus
Other names


(By Mimi)

Fawful of Science

(By Dimento)

Lord Fawful

(By Midbus)


(By Bowser)
Ethnicity Beanish
Citizenship Villan/Mastermind
Occupation Leader Of Fawful Force X
Organization Fawful Force X
Known for

Evil,Sinster Ways, Crazyness, And

Plain Smarts
Home town Hoohoo Village

Fawful,The Brains And Leader Of The

Fawful Force X


Red Stash (Mario)

Green Stash (Luigi)


Axem Red (Member Of Fawful Force X)

Doopliss (Member Of Fawful Force X)

Mimi (Girlfriend And Member Of Fawful Force X)

Anti-Mario Aka Dario (Member Of Fawful Force X)

Dimento (Final Member)
Parents Cackletta (Rumors Has It Cackletta Is Fawful's Mom!)
Relatives Mimi (Girlfriend)

Fawful Is A Character Appearing In The Game,New Super Mario RPG: THE REVENGE OF THE VILLAINS  And Has Appeared In Other Mario RPG Games Too!  And he is incredibly the Dark Alchemist of FURY and CHORTLES!

Background & OccupationsEdit

Fawful Is The Child Of Cackletta (Not Completely Cofirmed Yet)!  Fawful Also Is Her Toadie! Fawful Was A Low-Rank Theif Who Works With Cackletta To Steal Peach's Voice! But Then Fawful Got His Butt Kicked By Luigi! Later After The Shroob Invasion! Fawful Returned To The Mushroom Kingdom To Seek Revenge! But Ending Up Dieing In The End. It Is Unknown How Fawful Survived Dieing! Fawful Is Also Leader Of The Sinster "Fawful Force X"          He Secretly Watchs His Team Go Into Battle Against The Plumbers Allowing Him To Know The Bros, Moves And Plot His Next  Move!

Super Toadiaso Adventure! == Fawufl is the main antagonist again, and plots to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. It is revealed, during the final boss fight, that he had recently discovered an ancient book that gave him the power to create. He created a minion named Tyeo and they fought Toadiaso. Toadiaso kills Tyeo and knocks Fawful out of the ship. Fawful survives, and plans to do more evil down the road.