Glider is my seventh fan character of the wikia. He is the second cousin of the Mario Brothers, and a friend to many people.Template:Infobox




Glider is calm, coolheaded and cheerful most of the time. He tries being nice to people and is good friends with The Shy Guy Bros., and also goes to many galaxies. His residence is Gold Leaf Galaxy, and likes eating honey, and, is a good friend of Queen Bee. He is willing to help anyone in need, and does not hesitate to accept any quest and task that is given to him.


Glider is able to glide for a short time until he touches the ground, and can cling into walls, however, he cannot use the Tail Whip even though he has a tail. He bears great resemblance to the Flying Squirrel Mario power-up that will appear on the new Wii-U game, New Super Mario Bros. U.

Early StoryEdit

He lived with the Mario Bros. for a short time, but then he got bored so he moved to Gold Leaf Galaxy. He has a house made in the same manner as of Honeybee Hive, in the highest tree, wich he eats the honey on. He has a personal relaxing place at Big Mouth Galaxy, wich is the beach, and, sometimes, he goes for a swim in the deep of Big Mouth Galaxy.

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