Guido Mario
Guido Mario.png
Born Guido Mario
New York City, New York
Residence Mushroom Kingdom
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Citizenship United States Citizen
Education College degree
Occupation Chef
Employer Self-employed
Organization Mario Bros.
Mushroom Kingdom
Known for Culinary Insanity
Home town New York City, New York
Title The Master Chef
Opponent(s) King Bowser Koopa
Criminal charge Assault
Criminal penalty Mushroom Kingdom: Charges dropped
Dark Land: Charges pending
Relatives Mario Mario
Luigi Mario

Guido Mario is a heavily overweight cousin of arguably the two most famous members of the Mario family, Mario and Luigi Mario. For years, he believed that his cousins had gotten in some serious trouble with the mob due to their having disappeared without a trace, though believing there was nothing he could do he continued working in his pizza shop, making the best Italian food for blocks around.

It was not until one day when his pipes burst that he would come to discover what really had happened to his family. Having contacted a plumber who did not arrive for several hours (he would have hired his cousins normally but, hey, they were gone for good), Guido waddled and sweated his way down into the basement of his business and entered into the boiler room. More steamy and waterlogged than usual, Guido had a difficult time figuring out what he had to do to shut off the valves and before long, he was disoriented and seemingly lost in all the fog and humidity and heat. He found himself more and more confused as the pipes seemed to just get larger and larger the more he tried to work his way to the source of his problem, and the pathway seemed to lead on for hours.

Eventually however he saw a light at the end of the hallway and thinking he had expired, he traveled into it. What he found was the Mushroom Kingdom, and believing he was in his own little slice of heaven began chasing all the mushroom creatures and koopas trying to make ragout of goomba and koopa bisque to his heart's content. It was not too long (within the week) that he heard whispers amongst the talking ingredients inhabiting this magical land that the great koopa, King Bowser, had kidnapped a princess. The mention of the term "king of all koopas" made his mouth salivate; within moments he was on his way to find this King Bowser Koopa and prepare the biggest turtle/koopa bisque the world had ever known!

Little did he know that leaving his shop open instead of locking up before trying to fix his store's pipes would lead two others to the realm, as well: Tony Pasta and Vincenzo Ravioli.

Guido has a habit of resting his hand on top of his enormous stomach.

Guido Mario Spritesheet

2012 spritesheet of Guido Mario.

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