Race Bumpty
Home Land Poshley Heights
Status Alive
Hair Color Black (like other Bumpties)
Eye Color Black
Gender Male
Weapon of choice None
Skin Color Bright Cyan

Kinsley is a Bumpty that resides in Poshley Heights. Like other citizens of the village, he is very wealthy. He currently lives with his son, Potsworth.


Kinsley was born to two unnamed Bumpties all the way in Shiver City some time before the Crystal King resided in the Crystal Palace. After Mario and friends exit the Crystal Palace in one piece, he aspired to be a brave adventurer like Mario was. When Kinsley was old enough to leave his parents' house, he had a considerable amount of money, so he moved to Poshley Heights after hearing that Mario was going there. Although he came too late and Mario had already left, he stayed at Poshley Heights to make a living. Some point after this time, his son was born and named Potsworth. Although Kinsley still aspires to be an adventurer like Mario, he himself believes that he would never be able to make the time to explore the world. He seems to be good friends with Goldbob and has a good reputation with the rest of Poshley Heights.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kinsley is a bright Cyan bumpty with a red-banded top hat, a golden monocle, and a red bow tie. He wears brown shoes. He has black eyes and black hair (which is never seen due to his top hat.)


Kinsley is often calm in the most dire of situations and is very kind. He would never be tempted to do things to bring his reputation down, and even if he was prompted to do so, he would not try. He does not talk often, and if he would speak, he would have a soft-spoken voice. He tries to tolerate everyone around him, even those who once had a villainous reputation with the world.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a corruption of "Kingly", which describes his wealth.
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