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The seven canon Koopalings. Top four from left to right: Roy, Iggy, Lemmy, Morton. Bottom three from left to right: Larry, Ludwig, Wendy.

AGE: 12 (Lemmy) Februry 7 Herrscht Eiswelt

13 ( Morton) July 15 Herrscht Bergwelt

13(Wendy) August 23 Herrscht Strandwelt

14-15 (Larry) June 3 Herrscht Graswelt

16 ( iggy) Januar 18 herrscht Dschungelwelt

17 ( Roy) December 1 Herrscht Wüstenwelt

18 (Ludwig) November 5 Herrscht Wolkenwelt

Full Name: Ian"Lemmy"franser Renè Koopa

lawrence"Larry"joseph Louis Koopa

Wendy Orlean Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa AKA "Baron of Destruction"

James"iggy"Newell Koopa

Roy Kelton Koopa

Morton Sean Koopa Junior.


Bowser (father)

Bowser Jr. (brother)

Unnamed mother

Morton Koopa Sr. (paternal grandfather)

Bowserina (paternal grandmother)

Christian Koopa (paternal great-grandfather)

Unnamed paternal great-grandmother

27 Generations (paternal ancestors)

Peach (step-mother)

Mario (step-father)

Baby Mario (step-brother)

Baby Peach (step-sister)

King George Toadstool (maternal step-grandfather)

Queen Melody Toadstool (maternal step-grandmother)

Mushroom King (double step-grandfather)

Jacob Cosmo and Pete Toadstool (maternal step-uncles)

Pearl Claudia and Lady Butter Cup-Toadstool (maternal step-aunts)

Durian and Sofia Toadstool (adoptive maternal step-aunts)

Eliza Beth and Betty Toadstool (adoptive maternal step-cousins)

Thornberry Toadstool (maternal step-cousin)

Gramma Toadstool (maternal step-great-grandmother)

9 Generations (maternal step-ancestors)

"So he left that job for the Koopalings. They are a group of high-ranking leaders in the Koopa Troop - and they all happen to be siblings. So teamwork comes easily to them."

- Paper Mario: Wonder World

"Grah hah hah hah!! Why you fight me? I keep the Blue Fire Diamond, one of the eight Elemental Diamonds. You have five Elemental Diamonds, so, when you defeat me, you will have six Elemental Diamonds, and with Air Diamond and God Diamond, you can be God Mario. Go!"

- Larry Koopa in "Larry's Counterattack".

The Koopalings were mistaken to be Bowser's kids but in a 2012 interview with Game Informer and Shigeru Myamoto, Shigiru said "Our current story is that the Koopalings are not Bowser's kids. Bowser Jr is Bowser's only biological son and we don't know who the mother is." It turns out that the koopalings were adopted by Bowser when they were really young and their real biological father is Bowser's cousin Fredrick von Koopa and their mother was Gwendolyn Koopa. Their parent's died before their eggs hatched in the Small Koopia and Dark Land Vs the Constitutional Empire of United Creatures War. They think that Bowser is their biological father since he never told them who their real parents were. They were born in this order: Ludwig, Roy, Lemmy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, and Larry.

They help their Step Dad in his plots, like helping their dad in releasing Paragoombas to eat all the food in the Mushroom Kingdom, messing with the seven continents , making the Mushroom Kingdom float , and to clog up the warp pipe that Mario and Luigi used to get to the Mushroom Kingdom.


There were originally only seven Koopalings, but eventually Bowser ended up adopting more. The following is a list of them from oldest to youngest:



Ludwig Von Koopa[]

Ludwig is the oldest and most skilled of the Koopalings. He is an inventor and used to be the leader. In Super Mario Bros. Wii, Ludwig von Koopa lives in Level 7 (clouds). He is also the self-proclamed "Baron of Destruction".him.

Roy Koopa[]

The second oldest of the canon Koopalings. Roy is shown to be a bit of a bully towards his siblings, and being the meaner and tougher one of the group. He usually wears shades. He is a big bully but also the strongest of all the canon koopalings. He rules the desert World 2.

Lemmy Koopa[]

He is a cute Koopaling who bounces on a big rainbow star ball. He plays with Iggy and Larry most with Larry. Lemmy is smart and a pfiffikus. He is in the Ice world World 3.

Iggy Koopa[]

The middle of the canon Koopalings. Iggy is the most psychotic of the group, shown to scream and yell a lot. He is Lemmy twin brother, but likes more Ludwig He rules jungleworld World 5.


Morton Koopa Jr[]

Despite his large size, Morton is the second youngest of the canon Koopalings. He is shown to have a big mouth in the DIC cartoons, and has the ability to ground pound. He is in the Mountain world 6.

Larry Koopa[]

The 4 oldest of the canon Koopalings. Larry doesn't seem to have any special abilities besides his wand, shell, and jumping abilities; however, he is sometimes classified as the temporary leader of the Koopalings. But bowser decided that Ludwig is the leader of the koopalings cause Larry is childish but he is mean ,cheating, lying, sneaky he rules over Grassworld World 1. He is also hypoactive That means he is too quiet.


Paper Mario: Wonder World[]

The Koopalings appear in Paper Mario: Wonder World as boss characters.

Super Mario Moose[]

The canon Koopalings have been confirmed to appear in Super Mario Moose, along with their new sibling Troopa. At the moment it is unknown which Koopaling will be the boss of each world.

Bowser's Story[]

The original Koopalings will appear in Bowser's Story in the Koopaling Adventure DLC pack. All 7 featuring Troopa of them will be playable heroes.

New Super Mario Bros 3:

  • World 1: Larry Koopa (Larry's Grass Castle)
  • World 2: Roy Koopa (Roy's Pyramid Castle)
  • World 3: Lemmy koopa ( Lemmy's Ice castle.
  • World 4: Wendy O. Koopa( Wendys Water Castle)
  • World 5: Iggy Koopa (Iggy's Chomped Castle)
  • World 6: Morton Koopa jr (Morton's stone castle)
  • World 7: Ludwig von koopa ( Ludwig's cloudy castle)

In addition, the World 8 Castle has been ruled by Bowser.

Super Mario Adventures: A New Land[]

The game introduces Magical Koopalings, the almighty brothers and sister.

  • Morton
  • Wendy

New Super Mario Bros. Switch (New Nintendo Switch)[]

Koopalings return to this game after new super Mario bros u

Magical Koopalings[]

They're fought in order:

  • MushroomPlains: Jamal ( Jamal's Mushroom ship)
  • DustyDesert: Samuel (Samuel's Sandship)
  • DolphinRiverside: Spiritus (Spiritus' Supreme Submarine)
  • MysticalWoods: Aaron (Aaron's Airship Army)
  • PlatinumClouds: Gene (Gene's Chaotic Airship)
  • SnowyCavern: Joel (Joel's ice Airship)
  • PiranhaPipeway: Spike (Spike's Platinum Airship)