The Lawyer Shroob is an infamous Shroob immigrant who is a master at suing, damage compensation, tort cases, and best of all, medical malpractice. He claims that suing "fills the void left over from failing to invade the Mushroom Kingdom", because a court "crushes dreams and steals far more than Princess Shroob could ever do".

Background Edit

Lawyer Shroob did not exist at the time of the Shroob Invasion and the Shroob State, but nonetheless is loyal to the leader at that time. He felt that an invasion should be tried again, but knew that Mario and Luigi would destroy them. Instead, he decided to immigrate legally into the Mushroom Kingdom and find something evil, but not against the law.

As such, Lawyer Shroob found his way into law. He learned of the lef-wing, warped lawsuits that abused free speech and of the guy suing because his Koopa Tea was too cold, or how Waluigi snagged 100 coins because he sprained his ankle after tripping over a toad. He realized that a cunning, sneaky lawyer could do more damatge than a standing army.

He would fulfill his duties to Princess Shroob, but LEGALLY in a legal style!

Lawyer Shroob quickly got to work studying his newfound craft, and was regarded by his fellow law colleauges as one of the best lawyers in the kingdom. He graduated with honors in 2003. He was finally Admitted to the Bar in 2009, after a fierce legal debate between groups of pro-Immigrant creatures and Toadsworth, 1 felt that evil alien invaders shouldn't have a place in the courts of the kingdom.

Involvement Edit

Lawyer Shroob can be hired for the hefty price of 999 coins (the maximum holding limit for most carriers' inventories), but he doesn't charge unless he wins the lawsuit. Normally, he DOES doesn't win, so he is a very wealthy Shroob, indeed.

Trivia Edit

  • For a Shroob, Lawyer Shroob has very small fangs.
  • Lawyer Shroob can not use a ray gun at all. The last time he tried it, he blasted himself.
  • Of the many cases he has taken, he has only lost four.
  • ???
  • The Boobusters refer to him as "Wally Wick", "Shroober", and "Some Kind of Rodent"

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