MarioMario54321 is a powerful character in several fan-films, like "The Cosmic Crystals", "Into the Fourth Dimension", "MarioMario54321 and the Dark Star X", and several more! He often has the ability to perform miracles, like changing the forms of castles instantly (In OiramOiram12345 and the Shadowreavers) and moon-jump at will. In the fanfilms, Mario has the alibilty to moon-jump as well. He also used to know everything going on, just not the future, but lost it in the movie "The Cosmic Crystals" for some unknown reason. He also has many helpers too, like Starman3, LuigiLuigi09876 his brother, and used to have one named LuigiGame2, but he quit after "MarioMario54321 and the Dark Star X". All of them can also use the moon-jump ability, and each have special abilities.

Mr. Mx2 Edit

He also has an alter-ego similar to Luigi, whom Dimentio created. Mr. Mx2 joined Mr. M to fight against Luigi and Starman3, but they both failed, and when Lily collected the 90th D-Star, Mario and MarioMario54321 were freed.

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