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Mario and Sonic now at Beijing.They are ready something else.They have open the area.Not yet,Sonic said.But it’s almost summer,in fall,we do it again,and next is winter.

(anthoner way) wheeege!go Luigi!Who’s number now?Luigi. (1up sound)

(and anthoner way)Whaaaaaaaah! Whaaaaaaah! Waluigi scream.Wario Time!His Waluigi head.WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(and and anthoner way)Tails is flying.Let’s go,said sonic.

(back again this way)1Up Glitches sound.1Up 1Up 1Up......................,who’s number one now.Luigi! The 100up sound.

But Princess Peach and Daisy giving Bowser Catched. Bowser:Why you taken my Olympic Badges. Princess:... (This time,Dr Eggman coming)


Catched Amy Rose. Saying same as Bowser.

Donkey Kong is running. Diddy Kong:Why are you running?Why are you running. Donkey Kong:I am participating Diddy Kong:Eeeeeek! Not summer.No summer in 2021 next is winter 2022!

——-> Part2 To be countiued.

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