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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Mario + Splatoon: Splash Timers written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Vacation".


(In a world where squids are turned to Inklings creatures, looking like humans, we discovered many places around the world filled with paint alike. In Blackbelly Skatepark, a Splatfest is about to go on. The Squid Sisters are about to make an announcement.)

  • Callie: Look at this place! Today's youth are so spoiled!
  • Marie: Yeah, I am.
  • Callie: Ladies and gentleink, welcome to today's event of out Splatfest tournament.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Callie: Please come right up Judd.
  • Judd: Okay, *turn on the speaker* Greetings inklings, we're about to start this main event.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Judd: Let the Splatfest begin!
  • Callie: Here we go!

(The ink battle is about to begin with the Red Team and Blue Team competing together. One red inkling spray ink on the blue player and goes down.)

  • Inkling Girl: Come on brother, hit it to the blue team.
  • Inkling Boy: Right at ya sister. *throw a ink bomb to the blue player and explodes* Boom!
  • Inkling Girl: Look out brother!
  • Inkling Boy: Uh oh. *spray ink on the blue player* Take that blue boy!


(Meanwhile in another world, a pink airplane is flying in the sky with the Toads on board, piloting the airplane in the cockpit. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette and Toadsworth are seen relaxing as they are waiting to go on vacation)

  • Mario: *sleep* Ah, pasta, ah mushrooms, ah pizza.
  • Peach: Oh Mario, don't you love sleeping on the plane?
  • Mario: Oh! I almost fell asleep.
  • Luigi: I can't wait to go to Isle Delfino.
  • Toad: Ha ha ha, i can't wait to eat all the seafood there.
  • Toadette: Bring in the lobster.
  • Toadsworth: Whoa, what time it is?
  • Luigi: It's just your typical morning with a daily routine eye.
  • Toadsworth: Come on. I have been sleeping for eight hours.
  • Luigi: Then why don't you grab yourself a nice cup of coffee to get your eyes open?
  • Toadsworth: I don't drink too much coffee! I drink milk!
  • Luigi: Sorry to bother you Toadsworth.
  • Toadsworth: Leave me alone
  • Luigi: Fine.
  • Peach: Oh, i wonder what's on TV?
  • Mario: Where's the remote?
  • Peach: It's in the pocket on the seats.
  • Mario: It's a net attracted to it.
  • Peach: You got a sense of relief, don't you?
  • Mario: *grab the remote* Found the remote!
  • Peach: See. It was easy to find.
  • Mario: Why didn't you tell me that it was in the seats?
  • Peach: It was right there. You didn't know?
  • Mario: You were making me nervous.
  • Peach: Well, you should know that the remote is in the plane by now.
  • Mario: Oof, i didn't know what was on the plane.
  • Peach: Alright. Now let's turn on the TV.
  • Mario: At your service. *turn on the TV*