Mario Kart All-Stars is a racing game for the Nintendo Wii U & the Nintendo Switch, created by of course, the one and only, Nintendo.

In Mario Kart All-Stars, the player needs to be the fastest on a race course with 16 players . Race tracks often have gimmicks. To help or hinder the player, this game includes items the player and opponents can use. This game includes more game modes, more downloadable content and secrets than any other Mario Kart game. Let's-a-go! This is followed by Mario and Sonic Pocket Adventure and its sequel: Mario and Sonic and Jet Pocket Adventure.

Playable Characters[edit | edit source]

No weight or height classes in this game. This time, the game adds Mods to the game, which are: Sprinter, Glider, Limitless, Heavy, Drifter and Standard. Each character also has a character-exclusive mod, meaning only some characters can use the mod. This game also has a random function, a box that appeared in Super Circuit. In this list of characters, you'll find out what mod they're good at.

Starters[edit | edit source]

Unlockables[edit | edit source]

  • Rosalina - Glider (Unlocked by winning Backward 150cc Rainbow Cup)
  • Dry Bowser - Speedy (Unlocked by winning Backward 150cc Cherry Cup)
  • Metal Mario - Limitless (Unlocked by winning Backward 150cc Mushroom Cup)
  • Queen Bee - Drifter (Unlocked by winning Backward 150cc Shell Cup)
  • Amy Rose - Heavy (Unlocked by winning Backward 150cc Banana Cup)
  • Lakitu - Standard (Unlocked by winning Backward 150cc Leaf Cup)
  • Mii - Sprinter (Unlocked by winning Backward 150cc Lightning Cup)
  • Toadette - She didn't appear in this game, but earlier, in demo, she is sprinter and she will be unlocked by winning Banana Cup in Backwards class.
  • Baby Rosalina - Standard (Unlocked by Backward 150cc Star Cup)
  • Lemmy "Hip" Koopa - Drifter (Unlocked by Mirror 150cc Shell Cup)
  • Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa - Limitless (Unlocked by Mirror 150cc Banana Cup)
  • Doctor Eggman (A.K.A. Robotnik) - Glider (Unlocked by Mirror 150cc Leaf Cup)
  • Metal Sonic The Hedgehog - Heavy (Unlocked by Mirror 150cc Lightning Cup)
  • Iggy "Hop" Koopa - Sprinter (Unlocked by Mirror 150cc Mushroom Cup)
  • Pink Gold Peach - Heavy (Unlocked by Mirror 150cc Flower Cup)
  • Metal Mario - Standard (Unlocked by Mirror 150cc Star Cup)
  • Morton "Big Mouth" Koopa Jr - Sprinter (Unlocked by Mirror 150cc Rainbow Cup)

There are 3 future characters: Tanooki Bro, Jet and Green Copper Luigi.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Like Mario Kart 7 and 8, this features a vehicle customization which players are be able to customize their karts, bikes and ATVs.

Bodies[edit | edit source]


  • Standard
  • B Dasher Mk.2
  • Royal Coach
  • Tyrant
  • Egg Roller 2
  • Shell Beast
  • Toy Car
  • Super Blooper
  • Streamliner
  • Tiny tug
  • Badwagon
  • Booster seat
  • Turbo Yoshi
  • Bowser Mobile
  • Landship
  • Fire Stingray
  • Mushmellow
  • Gold Mantis
  • Pipe Frame
  • Speed Star
  • Formula M
  • 4-wheel Cradle
  • Prancer
  • Sport Coupe
  • Lakitu's Cloud
  • Dragonetti
  • Banisher
  • Golden Kart
  • Diamond Kart


  • Standard Bike
  • Winged Bike
  • Sport Bike
  • Mach Bike
  • Comet
  • Spear
  • Zip Zip
  • The Duke
  • Dolphin Dasher


  • Standard
  • Red Fire
  • Wild Wiggler
  • Teddy Buggy
  • Foxy Coach
  • Bone Rattler


  • Standard
  • Blue Standard
  • Red Standard
  • SNES Standard
  • Monster
  • Red Monster
  • Hot Monster
  • Red Monster
  • Roller
  • Azure Roller
  • Red Roller
  • Grip
  • Slick
  • Cyber Slick
  • Red Slick
  • Shell
  • Slim
  • Off-Road
  • Retro Off-Road
  • Mushroom
  • Pink Mushroom
  • Orange Mushroom
  • Wood
  • Sponge
  • Pink Sponge
  • Metal
  • Drum
  • Bicycle
  • Golden
  • Diamond


  • Super Glider
  • Peach Parasol
  • Parachute
  • Cloud Glider
  • Oilpaper Umbrella
  • Wario Wing
  • Parafoil
  • Plane Glider
  • Flower Glider
  • Beast Glider
  • Crimson Crane
  • Manta Glider
  • Blooper Wingtip
  • Fare Flier
  • Treasure Map
  • Gift Glider
  • Starchute
  • Full Flight
  • Cheep Cheep Masks
  • Treasure Map
  • Golden Glider
  • Diamond Glider

Vehicle Combos[edit | edit source]

These combos are the default combos of the game.

  • B Dasher Mk.2 + Slick + Super Glider = Mario Dasher
  • Royal Coach + Roller + Peach Parasol = Peach Coach
  • Tyrant + Monster + Parafoil = Bowser Tyrant
  • Shell Beast +

More coming soon...

Courses[edit | edit source]

Original Tracks[edit | edit source]

These tracks are new in the game. The cups with Original Tracks are:

  • Mushroom Cup
    • Already Available
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Flower Cup
    • Already Available
    • Difficulty: Normal
  • Bell Cup
    • Unlocked after completing the Flower Cup
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • Star Cup
    • Unlocked after completing the Bell Cup
    • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Special Cup
    • Unlocked after completing the Star Cup
    • Difficulty: Intense

Mushroom Cup[edit | edit source]

Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
Luigi Circuit Luigi 3 A simple track designed by Luigi.
Skeleton Rally Koopa Troopa 3 A country course made by Koopa Troopa.
Baby Gorge Baby Daisy 3 A course home to Baby Daisy.
Airship Chase Bowser 5 An airship course with cannons, Bill blasters and Spikes!

Flower Cup[edit | edit source]

Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
Mario Circuit Mario 3 A great track in Yoshi Island.
Toad's Mall Toad 3 Head down to Toad Town's biggest mall.
Baby Summit Baby Peach 3 Named after the DK's snow summit.
Waluigi's Gold Mine Waluigi 3 Conquered from Wario's Gold Mine.

Bell Cup[edit | edit source]

This cup has got 5 laps, by choosing Backward, the number goes one lap more.

Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
Peach Circuit Peach 5 A awesome track to the kingdom.
Shy Guy Garden Shy Guy 5 Head off to the Shy Sky Garden.
Townsville Island Baby Mario 5 A island next to Yoshi World.
Seaside Hill Sonic 5 Sonic's course.

Star Cup[edit | edit source]

Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
Daisy Circuit Daisy 3 The longest circuit ever.
Dan's Cape Yoshi 10 The shortest track ever.
Baby Treehouse Baby Luigi 3 The biggest nature track.
Wario's Volcano Wario 3 The longest lava track ever.

Special Cup[edit | edit source]

Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
Red-Gold Mountain Pink Gold Peach 3 Featuring a big statue of Pink Gold Peach.
Metallic Highway Metal Mario 3 Leading the highway to Metal City.
Bowser's Castle Bowser 3

The castle course home to Bowser.

Rainbow Road Lakitu 3 A magic course into space, don't look down!

Classic Tracks[edit | edit source]

These are classic tracks from older Mario Kart games. The cups with Classic Tracks are:

  • Shell Cup
    • Already Available
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Banana Cup
    • Already Available
    • Difficulty: Normal
  • Cherry Cup
    • Unlocked after completing the Banana Cup
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • Leaf Cup
    • Unlocked after completing the Cherry Cup
    • Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Lightning Cup
    • Unlocked after completing the Leaf Cup
    • Difficulty: Intense
  • Rainbow Cup
  • Unlocked after completing the Lighting Cup
  • Difficulty : Insane

Shell Cup[edit | edit source]

Original On Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
Wii U Mario Circuit Mario 3 A Mushroom Kingdom Eight
Wii Donkey Kong Summit Donkey Kong 3 The Mountain Of Snow
GCN Baby Park Baby Mario 10 This is a baby-creation amusement park.
N64 Wario Stadium Wario 3 Here Are the tv watchers from now on

Banana Cup[edit | edit source]

Original On Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
SNES Mario Circuit 2 Mario 3 The Super Mario world Track
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Bowser 3 The Outide Storm Track
DS Wario Stadium Wario 3 The Stadium Has Dirt About Big And Small Of Feet
3DS DK Jungle DK 3 The Jungle Track Is The Templest Jungle In The World

Cherry Cup[edit | edit source]

Original On Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
ARCDX Splash Circuit Baby Mario 3 The splashiest course that's deep in the ocean.
ARC2 Castle Wall Bowser Jr. 3 Set upon the most defensive wall.
ARC Banana Ruins Donkey Kong 3 Placed on Donkey Kong Island.
ARCDX Kingdom Way Toadette


2 Now the kingdom returned with its way!

Leaf Cup[edit | edit source]

Original On Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
SNES Rainbow road Princess peach 3 Where The Colors And Thwomps
N64 Donkey Kong's Jungle Parkway Donkey Kong 3 This Is A Jungle Ramp
3DS Bowser's Castle Bowser, Bowser Jr, Larry, Lemmy, Iggy, Or Morton 3 This neon city is much more evil.
Wii Wario's Gold Mine Wario 3 The Track Of The Mine Has Mine Carts

Lightning Cup[edit | edit source]

Original On Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
GCN Yoshi Circuit Yoshi 2 The Yoshi Track
Wii U Thwomp Ruins DK 3 Home For The Jungle
GBA Mario Circuit Mario 3 Set On The Land Of Field
DS Bowser's Castle Dry Bowser 3 Placed on the Koopa Kingdom.

Rainbow Cup[edit | edit source]

Original On Course Name Staff Ghost Lap Count Description
GCN Rainbow Road Shy Guy 3 A Rainbow course above Mushroom City.
DS Rainbow Road Rosalina 3 This Rainbow Road has an unique "chiming" sound when the

player pass trough the dash rings.

Arcade Rainbow Downhill Toadette 2 The Arcade GP series counterpart of Rainbow Road!
Wii U Rainbow Road Pink Gold Peach 3 This incarnation takes place in a space station.

Items[edit | edit source]

Retro Items[edit | edit source]

Orignal On Item Name Recieved Position
SNES Green Shell 1st - 3rd
SNES Red Shell 1st - 2nd
SNES Banana Peel 1st - 3rd
SNES Boo 1st - 5th
SNES Thunderbolt 6th - 8th
SNES Star 9th - 13th
SNES Feather 1st - 5th
N64 Triple Mushroom 9th - 11th
N64 Triple Green Shell 4th - 5th
N64 Triple Red Shell 6th - 8th
N64 Golden Mushroom 11th - 14th
N64 Spiny Shell 2nd - 11th
N64 Banana Bunch 3rd - 10th
N64 Fake Item Box 4th - 9th
GCN Bob-Omb 12th-14th
DS Blooper 10th - 14th
DS Bullet Bill 8th - 14th
Wii Mega Mushroom 5th - 9th
Wii Thunder Cloud 4th - 7th
Wii Pow Block 4th - 7th
3DS Fire Flower 1st - 7th
3DS Super Leaf 1st - 7th
Wii U Boomerang Flower 9th - 14th
Wii U Piranha Plant 5th - 8th
Wii U Super Horn 1st - 4th
Arcade Driver Virus 5th - 8th
Arcade Black Shell 7th - 11th
Arcade Triple Black Shell 9th - 15th
Arcade Time Bomb 13th - 16th

Nitro Items[edit | edit source]

Name Recieved Position Function
Infinite Bloopers 12th-14th (Semi-Rare) All of your bloopers aim and attack at the racer in 1st Place. It can also stop the Spiny Shell, but the item then goes away if it hits the Spiny Shell.
Quartet of Dragons 11th - 14th (Rare) A quartet of dragons help you. One will make a dragon bridge for you to race while three attack the other racers.
Chain Chomp 10th - 14th (Semi-Rare) Chain Chomp chomps the racers from 1st - 11th. If the Chain Chomp chomps a racer that has a item, the owner can get the item. If he/she have 9 items, they can combine the Glorious Nine.
Infinite Spiny Shells 9th - 12th (Rare) The owners can throw shells and can destroy the other racers items. If more than one will attack a racer, it will combine into Mega Spiny Shell. The Mega Spiny Shell can hit at least 4 - 8 racers and once it is combined , it will be indestructible and the victims will race backwards.
Glorious Nine 8th - 14th (Very Rare) This is the first item that will not be shown in the item slot. It can be only ascessible by using the Chain Chomp. They can't use the items with the locks until the Glorious Nine is combined.
Triple Time Bomb 14th - 16th (Rare) With triple time bomb, player can target 3 players one after the other. You have 45 seconds in total (15 per bomb) to remain with a ticking bomb, or throwing them at the 3 closest racers ahead. Wait for the target to lock onto them, and then throw it. And then, about 45 seconds later... the bombs will explode!
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