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Chapter 9 is the ninth chapter of Mario and Sonic: Red and Blue written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Bump to Bump".


(Back at Bowser's Castle in the lab, Kamek watch the screen with Metal Mario and Metal Luigi cracked on the rock sharps in the rock plains)

  • Kamek: Bowser, your metal minions have returned. But you're not going to like this.
  • Bowser: WHAT?! WHERE?!
  • Kamek: They were defeated in battle. The heroes must have kick them off all the way to the rock spikes in the rock plains.
  • Bowser: No! *smash the screen* NO! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! I always hate to see my henchman lose after their failures with the so called "heroes". Nitpicky brats.
  • Kamek: They were weak to beat Mario, Luigi and Sonic. We need to repair them.
  • Bowser: Let Kammy bring them over. We're repairing them with magic.
  • Kamek: I'll bring them over when Kammy comes back.
  • Bowser: Kammy should have been here by now. Kammy!
  • Kammy: *arrive in the lab* What is going on?
  • Bowser: Kammy, please bring over Metal Mario and Metal Luigi. They have been defeated by the notorious Mario brothers and that Sonic hedgehog!
  • Kammy: What happen this time? Did they lose to the plumbers and hedgehog?
  • Bowser: Did you not hear what i said? They are defeated!
  • Kammy: *salute* Yes boss! Where are they at?
  • Bowser: They are damaged on the rock spikes. Bring them over here.
  • Kammy: I will King Bowser. *open a portal to bring Metal Mario and Metal Luigi over with sharp rocks on the ground*
  • Kamek: That's a bit of falling rocks on the ground.
  • Kammy: They look broken. I hope this wand can be a good use to fix with magic.
  • Metal Mario: *damaged* I....don't....feel....too....good.
  • Metal Luigi: *damaged*
  • Kamek: They look awful. We need some repairs on the metal brothers.
  • Kammy: Their whole body is cracked up.
  • Bowser: Melt all the rocks into lava.
  • Kamek: Yes boss.
  • Kammy: We can handle it together. *she and Kamek use their wands to melt the rocks into lava as the Metal Mario brothers are melted into metal*
  • Bowser: What's next?
  • Kamek: I must use the secret power to reheal them back into their original shapes.
  • Bowser: What is the magic word?
  • Kamek: Hocus pocus! *use his wand to burn down the sharp rocks into lava and rebuild Metal Mario and Metal Luigi*
  • Metal Mario: Mama mia.
  • Metal Luigi: What-a heck happen in-a here?
  • Bowser: My babies! *hug Metal Mario and Metal Luigi* I could have never lose you from a failed battle in the island.
  • Metal Mario: We tried boss. But we lost.
  • Metal Luigi: Those plumbers, secret agent girls and hedgehog were stronger enough to beat us. We need to power up with some great strength and good pills to take.
  • Kamek: You boys are back in shape. In the meantime, do you want me to cook some Blaargtail soup before the rematch with Mario and Luigi?
  • Bowser: Blah! Heck no! Not in my soup. Who would want to drink of that nasty Blaargatail soup when you have the nasty ingredients such as chum, raw burger meat, throw up and mashed up olives? Terrible soup! Would not recommend for my Koopalings if they had a coin dollar for a bacon burger.
  • Kamek: I'm sorry. Mind as well cook pasta soup instead?
  • Bowser: No! I wanted dumpling soup. Now go make me some before i choke you to the end of the lava road.
  • Kamek: Aye ya ya. Coming right up. *rush to the kitchen*
  • Bowser: Such a absolute wizard dummy. He's just bad as his mother Kammy.
  • Kammy: 'Scuse me? What did you say?
  • Bowser: Oh, i said, you lead the way!
  • Kammy: Did you said something about me? Don't make me turn into a Goomba like i did to your uncle Droser!
  • Eggman: *show up in the lab* I'm back. I'm just checking on my robots and i'm here to stop by and check how are you guys doing on the empire.
  • Bowser: It's all going bad!
  • Kammy: Bad as a burned up chicken salad.
  • Eggman: Very well. It seem that you brought Metal Mario and Metal Luigi back to life.
  • Bowser: How do you know about this?
  • Eggman: I got some sensing fractor in my eyes.
  • Bowser: I'm sorry. I am not your type Egg Biscuit Nose Hair. But! I want you to tell your workers to do better and focus on targeting the heroes!
  • Eggman: You got a little justice in you, turtle king.
  • Bowser: Don't make me crack you up, Egghead.
  • Eggman: Oh, give me a break. You know we always fail on actions.
  • Bowser: My boys will like to speak to you.
  • Eggman: Where are they?
  • Wario: *show up with Waluigi from a portal from the Death Egg* We're back!
  • Waluigi: We had everything under control. Oh, the secret weapon is finally finished with effort.
  • Bowser: Perfect. What does it look like?
  • Waluigi: It is a big, big, big, big, big.
  • Bowser: What is big? Tell me what is the big secret weapon?
  • Waluigi: A big doomship we will use to destroy most of the worlds.
  • Eggman: What does it look like. Do you guys draw a blueprint of it to show what contains in the doomship you guys built?
  • Wario: *show a blueprint of a doomship* You see right here. This is where the big laser blaster is placed underneath the ship. We eventually created hundreds of them for a future war.


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