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Mona From Warioware, Inc. Mega Games

Mona "Pizza" Baldwin is Josh 's Teenage Daughter in Mario and Friends (a Toonking2 Comics Series), I though she never gets along with him since she was totally "Smitten with Wario" and working for him in Warioware, Inc.

Her debut[]

She made a debut in Warioware, Inc. MicroGames at her 17 year old age as well as running Joes "Mona Pizza" restaurant, his Gelatin Shop and of course, attending the Diamond Academy in Diamond City .


Mainly she wears goggles, a red helmet, earrings, white trench coat, red Tank Top, her red skird and her red boots. She was also born with orange Blonde hair, though she does look human, she is actually a Draconian Humanoid.


Her mother, Jane Baldwin, and her unnamed and unhatched Siblings were killed by the Black Arms in the Draconian Space Ship at Mona's 6-year-old age in the Crossover Remake of Shadow the Hedgehog: The Game, after that, horrid event ended thanks to Shadow the Hedgehog , she started to hate Josh for failing to rescue her mother so much (in josh's Memory) that she ran away to the Pokeball Federation on the Mushroom Planet where Diamond City is located (Diamond City's where Wario really lives). Mona has a crush on him, but Wario and Josh can't accept that relationship. And she also made up a Sername "Mona Pizza", But she is stilled being fostered by a Busy SuperModel and a brilliant artist who

Parade Appearances[]

  • Nintendo Celebrate Parade


Jane Baldwin=Mother (Killed)





Josh Baldwin=Father (hated)

Andy "Time Twister" Baldwin=Half Brother

Pauline=Stepmother (despite her hatred over Josh in the past, she does get along with Pauline very well after Mona took back what she held against him) 

Wario=Love Interest

Anna Pizza =Adoptive Mother (Busy Supermodel)

Tony Pizza =Adoptive Father (Brilliant Artist)

Captain Syrup Baldwin = Aunt and Josh's Twin Sister