Mushroom Kingdom High School's soccer club is a soccer club made by Mark Evans, who is the team's coach. The three managers were Toad Guards, while two special move experts were Toadette and Captain Toad. They were introduced in Super Mario Soccer.

Info Edit

Mushroom Kingdom High School soccer club was first appeared in Super Mario Soccer, playing against an abadoned soccer club under the name Black Magicians. They won against them by the score 5:4.

Uniforms Edit

Their kit is a full white shirt with a navy blue collar and a navy blue stripe on the sleeves, fitted along with navy blue shorts. Socks are white, and shoes are white at the front and navy blue on the back. The away kit has inverted colors and is a full navy blue shirt with a white collar and white stripe on the sleeves, white shorts and the same socks. The goalkeeper's kit is a grayish-blue, long-sleeved shirt with a black collar. The sleeves are bright blue from the middle to the end. The gloves are gray with the bottom section being white. The goalkeeper's shorts are gray with a grayish-blue stripe, and the socks are black. Also, the goalkeeper wears the same navy blue and white shoes as field players do. The captain wears a black band.

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