New Super Mario Bros. 3 is the 6th game in the New Super Mario Bros. series. It is the threequel to New Super Mario Bros. and a sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The power-ups in this game are basically the same.This It is the first game where Kirby goes from Dreamland to the Mushroom Kingdom to help Mario! The game was originally going to be available for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U but will now be ported to the Nintendo Switch in early 2018. The game is followed by ???.

Story Edit

Before the events of the game, Mario and Luigi arrive home from a holiday in Yoshi's Island and find out Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Kooplings while they were away. Toad and Toadette offer to help you on your quest to save Peach, along with Rosalina and Kirby. On your quest the player must collect Star Coins to defeat Bowser and the Koopalings.


Mushroom Meadows - Larry W1

Mighty Desert - Morton W2

Frosted Iceland - Lemmy W3

Sun-shine Sea Beach - Wendy W4

Treetop Forest - Iggy W5

Rocky Cannyon - Roy W6

High Cloud Terrace - Ludwig W8

Bowser's Castle - Bowser, Chris Heisey, and the Y2K



  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Wario
  • Waluigi



  • Mystery Mushroom
  • Bomb Suit
  • Poison Mushroom
  • 5-UP Mushroom
  • Snow Flower
  • Ultra mushroom
  • super (fire) flower
  • speed mushroom
  • Extreme star


These are the power-ups that return from other games.

  • Super Mushroom
  • Mega Mushroom
  • P-Baloon
  • Tanooki Leaf
  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Flower
  • Boomerang Flower
  • Super Star
  • Invincibilty Leaf
  • Gold Flower
  • Penguin Suit
  • Gold Block
  • Propeller Mushroom
  • 1-up Mushroom
  • 3-up Moon

Trivia Edit

  • The 6th world was named High Sky Terrace. Next, Sky was changed to Cloud, becoming High Cloud Terrace.