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New Super Mario Bros 3

New Super Mario Bros. 3 is a Nintendo Switch game made by Nintendo in development of Fastfoe Gaming Studios as their answer to the success of Christian Whitehead's Sonic Mania. It is like the New Super Mario Bros. games and like the Super Mario Bros. games. It features many items, Power-ups, levels, enemies, and bosses. The game does introduce also new power-ups, which make the game more awesome. The game is the second NSMB game to not feature seven Koopalings as the bosses, but two, and the first to feature a character from non-Mario franchise, being Ike from the Fire Emblem franchise.

The game is released in 6th June 2020 worldwide.

Gameplay Edit

New Super Mario Bros. 3 game is like every other game, and playing it is just like every other sidescrolling Mario 2.5D game. The game borrows elements from the Mario series of video games, but it is primarily inspired by the likes of Super Mario World and the Wario Land series. It is a 2D platformer similar to classic Mario games, with a 3D-esque world map, where the player must guide their character through levels filled with platforms, puzzles, and enemies. Items are hidden in blocks, weeds, trees, and crates throughout the game, and can be used to help the character.

Instead of the game having three Star Coins it now has three Super Gems in a level. Also Boost Mode is in the game so a fifth player can join in and use the Joy-Con to put colored blocks out to help the players. The game doesn't have the usual 8 worlds but instead it has 10 worlds, with the last split into two parts, and a special world.

Mario's moveset is slightly more limited than in previous Super Mario games; he cannot jump as high or as far as in past games, nor can he Double Jump or Triple Jump for the first time in a platforming game since Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. Mario can also Spin Jump, fly (in Raccoon form, unlike in Super Mario Bros. 3), grab and/or throw objects (such as Green Shells), but not hold onto ledges or attack without power ups. However, he can still Wall Jump, Long Jump, Ground Pound, Handstand, Handstand Jump, Sideways Somersault, and Backwards Somersault. Other controls take cues from the 2D titles; Mario can crouch and slide while running, which now requires the use of a run/attack button, like in the 2D games. In addition, the Backwards Somersault works like the Power Squat Jump does in Super Mario Bros. 2. Finally, Mario has a roll move that can be used to hit blocks from the side and fit through small gaps, and he can automatically vault from Super Mario Run.

You have five Chances at the beginning of the game. Chances replace the life system of past games; as long as you have more Chances after dying, you can return to the level from the world map without any penalties. Losing all of your Chances will punish you by forcing you back to an earlier point on the map. Fortresses, Castles, Ghost Houses, and similar levels act as "checkpoints", and you will restart from the last checkpoint level you completed after losing all of your Chances and giving five extra ones.

Levels look the same as in every other New Super Mario Bros. game or every 2.5D game from the Mario franchise. You must use your knowledge of the course to make it to the Goal Cannon (which blasts you through the Gate Ring) within the time limit, working as it does in Super Mario Maker. Failing to reach the Goal Cannon before time runs out, which is usually 500 seconds or 400 seconds, will cost you a Chance and all the coins you collected in the level. The time limit glows red when it reaches 100 seconds (1:40), and also beeps for every second at the last 10 seconds. The two final levels have a time limit of 700 seconds (11:40), which carries on to most other versions of Bowser's Castle in the New Super Mario Bros. series.

The Hammer Suit appears as well as power-ups from New Super Mario Bros. Wii like the Ice Flower and the Penguin Suit. There are also new power-ups like the Kitsune Mask and Bubble Mint. Yoshies can be ridden and Baby Yoshies can be carried. Baby Yoshies have the same abilites they had in New Super Mario Bros. U.

There is also a Hard Mode which allows players to play the levels with the time limit decreased by 100 seconds and if the player gets hit they lose a life instantly. A few other differences is that Beep Blocks are sped up two times, and some enemies and objects move faster.

Story Edit

Opening Edit

On an unknown isle stands the Mango Tree, a yellow-striped tree with Super Mangoes on its branches. All of the Mushroom Kingdom is familiar with the tree. One night, a huge storm blows all of the mangoes off, as Bowser laughs in the background.

Later on, Mario and Luigi wake up in the morning and head to Peach's castle, as Mario receives a letter from an individual whose initials are simply "Z.N.T.", only to find Peach and Toadette, and Peach informs that the Item Festival is coming. As they hear Peach's information, they come to their hiding spots in order to not see the festival. As the Item Festival begins, everyone comes from their hiding spots to shout surprise as the items fall off to the sky. Unlikely, Bowser is flung to the Item Festival in order to capture Peach with the Vacuum Kidnapper. As Bowser leaves with the captured princess, Mario, Luigi, and Toadette chase after them, only to be launched by the Mecha-Hand from before. Shot out from the Mecha-Hand, they fly quite away to the isle with Toadette's arm bleeding, ending in crashing on the Mango Tree.

The Adventure Edit

When the group arrives, they witness airships flying through the skies, and take refuge in a field. After some exploring, they come across Toadsworth and Kylie Koopa. Toadsworth immediately asks if Peach is alright, and as Mario shakes his head, Toadsworth lets out a face of shock.

When Mario and friends arrive in the ruins of Toad Town, they find Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade repairing an abandoned building. The Toads hug Mario tightly before explaining the situation: Bowser has conquered the whole world in the name of the newly-established Koopa Empire. But Mario doesn't care as he runs into a lone Lakitu filming the wildlife. Astonished that he found Mario, he identifies himself as L.K., a Lakitu who desires to explore the world and film his surroundings. He tags along with Mario as he continues his journey.

After Mario completes five Moon Missions, he arrives again to the ruins of Toad Town. Captain Toad says that someone is waiting for him. He sees Ike, who tags along with Mario as he makes for it to defeat Bowser with the resistance.

Dark-Doom City Edit

When Bowser returns to Dark-Doom City, he orders for Peach to be taken aboard his flagship, as a bargaining chip to use against Mario. As his troops work to prepare to defend the city, Bowser feels confident that Mario won't be able to break his empire.

Mario's team arrives in the city, with many of his allies leaping off the airship to take the fight to the ground as the crew on board fights off Undergrunt Gunners. Mario leaps down to the surface alongside his group, and eventually comes across Bowser Jr.. Junior is relieved to have found Mario, and asks to join him in the final push to Dark-Doom City. Mario is initially skeptical, but after hearing Junior tell stories of his conversations with Peach he agrees.

The Grand Finale Edit

Eventually, Mario reaches the top of Bowser's Castle, where Bowser stands before his airship at the top of a large staircase. Impressed that Mario made it here, he tells him that he's been waiting a long time to eliminate him once and for all, and that he won't be holding back. Bowser leaps to his airship, where Peach is crying out for help, and laughs before unleashing a volley of cannonballs that cause the staircase to collapse.

Fortunately, the resistance's airship arrives, and Mario hops on board to take the fight to Bowser. After a pitched battle, Bowser's airship begins to explode. As Koopatrols evacuate the ship, taking Peach with them, Bowser tries a risky attack. He slams his ship into Mario's, causing himself, Mario, and L.K. to fall onto the Koopa Clown Car-esque semi-dome on top of his castle, which is essentially a platform surrounded by lava. While Mario and L.K. land on the platform, Bowser hits the lava, but it doesn't kill him as usual, nor does it turn him into Dry Bowser. Instead, Bowser effectively utilizes his sheer strength to utilize the lava's powers, transforming himself into a being known as Firelord Bowser. Firelord Bowser lacks any sense of sanity, but is immensely powerful and has enhanced control over his fire-based abilities.

The final battle begins with both sides taking hits, eventually Mario winning. Mario helps Bowser get up as the two of them shake hands, agreeing to put their rivalry aside. The airship containing Peach then lands alongside the resistance's airship. Peach runs out and hugs Mario tightly as he returns the hug. She mentions that she truly cares for him, and wants to utilize this new period of peace to become closer than ever. Mario nods as he looks at his allies, as well as Bowser, who nods in respect.

Epilogue Edit

After the credits, the camera cuts to Mario and Peach sitting on the Mango Island, with Peach thanking Mario for his help once again. She mentions that she regrets not showing much compassion for him aside from the usual kiss, and wants to make it up to him. The two of them hold hands as they walk away from the spot where they were sitting.

The next scene shows L.K. at the world premiere of his documentary titled "Mario: The Man and the Legend", which is full of paparazzi and adoring fans. After floating past a trio of flirty Goombas, L.K. walks into Mario, who's in a nearby hallway. Astonished, he thanks Mario for everything, mentioning that he's always dreamed of becoming this famous. Mario nods as he hugs L.K., before motioning for two Lakitus to come in. L.K. immediately identifies them as the Lakitu Bros., and hugs them. They tell L.K. that they're more than proud of him, and see him as bringing their family even more fame. Trumbone and Timid Guy are also present, thanking Mario for his help. Mario simply nods as he looks at the camera, saying his famous quote of "Thank you so much for playing my game!" as the game's camera goes black.

Starlit Island Edit

After the epilogue, a rocket appears in World 1. Mario jumps up, and he goes into a version of Mango Island floating in the sky. Eventually he conquers all of the challenges.

Heroes Edit

Heroes feature the stats: Speed, Jump, Power, Traction, Speed, Weight.

Image Name Description Stats
Mario Mario is back in the action once again. Normally he can handle situations like this himself, but it's obvious he can't defeat this huge team of enemies alone. Speed: 3/5

Jump: 3/5
Power: 3/5
Traction: 3/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 3/5

Luigi Luigi has noticed that Bowser is riling up the Koopa Empire everywhere, so he knows he needs to get crackin'. Speed: 3/5

Jump: 4/5
Power: 3/5
Traction: 2/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 3/5

Toadette While this pink female Toad may seem like a simple woman, she has a strange connection to Subcon that hasn't been tapped into yet. Can she make it to Bowser and unlock her secrets? Speed: 5/5

Jump: 2/5
Power: 1/5
Traction: 1/5
Swim: 4/5
Weight: 1/5

Ike Ike is a character from Fire Emblem series. He's an absolute nobody compared to Mario and Luigi, but when Bowser conquers the world, he joins the group so he can prove his worth. Unlocked after completing five Moon Missions. Speed: 4/5

Jump: 3/5
Power: 4/5
Traction: 5/5
Swim: 3/5
Weight: 3/5

L.K.'s Assistance Edit

Mario is constantly accompanied by the young Lakitu known as L.K., who aspires to record anything he'll see in Mario's journey. Much like his uncles, the Lakitu Bros., L.K. handles the game's camera, with multiple camera modes.

  • Normal Mode just uses the right stick to move the camera in 2.5D.
  • Angle Mode automatically adjusts the camera, but allows for several set angles to be used as well as the Right Stick to make adjustments, much like the camera controls in the Galaxy games.
  • Zoom Mode changes the Right Stick's functions to resemble that of the C-Buttons in Super Mario 64.
  • Auto Mode just leaves camera control to L.K., making it good for people who don't care about the camera and prefer 3D World's camera system.

Besides camera control, L.K. offers advice to you. Just press up on the D-Pad to speak with him about what to do next. His advice will range from recommended locations to check for Power Stars, to Landmark missions you've missed, to even buying items in Toad Town.

Finally, L.K. also handles Snapshot Mode, which has been modified heavily since Odyssey. A Selfie angle now allows for pictures with both L.K. and Mario in them, and L.K. can also plant down cameras that will take a picture with a delay.

Resistance Edit

The resistance debuted in the first world, Mango Island, with two main leaders. Toadsworth has found his way here with Kylie Koopa, as he's in absolute terror now that Peach is captured again. The members include:

Yoshis Edit

Yoshis as well as Baby Yoshis appear here. In the game Yoshi comes in Green, Yellow, Blue, and Pink, and they all behave the same like in New Super Mario Bros. U. Baby Yoshis have their own unique powers and they can be taken along the adventure unless they are thrown or run into Lava, Poison or an abyss.

Image Name Description
Yoshi Yoshis are dinosaurs that hatch from Yoshi Eggs. There are four different colored Yoshis and they all behave the same. Yoshis can use their tongue to grab items or eat enemies, when a Yoshi eats five Berries they will lay an Egg which contains an item. Yoshis can also flutter jump to reach higher places. If the player touches an enemy Yoshi will run away until the player gets back on him. Yoshi can also go on certain things such as Spikes, Munchers, Piranha Plants, and Spinies.
Bubble Baby Yoshi Bubble Baby Yoshis are blue Baby Yoshis that spit out Bubbles. If an enemy touches a Bubble they will get turned into 3 Coins. The bubbles can also be jumped on. They can be found in certain worlds.
Balloon Baby Yoshi Balloon Baby Yoshis are magenta Baby Yoshis that blow into a large balloon and float in the air. They can be used to reach higher areas and hard to reach places. They can be found in certain worlds.
Glowing Baby Yoshi Glowing Baby Yoshis are Yellow glowing Baby Yoshis that are used as a light for dark areas which can help the player see. They can also stun enemies with the bright light. They are only useful in dark areas, they cannot be found on the world map.
Thunder Baby Yoshi Thunder Baby Yoshis are turquoise Baby Yoshis that spit out electrical rings, which have the additional property of boomeranging back to the user, and that can paralyze enemies for a short amount of time. The rings do deal damage, but are also able to re-energize machinery as well as pull certain levers by utilizing the boomeranging effect. They can be found in certain worlds.

Enemies Edit


Of course, Koopa Troopas return as enemies in the game!

If you want more, see here.
There are many kinds of enemies in this game. A whole list can be found in the link above. Here, is listed the kinds of enemies:

  • Basic - Flying or not, they're always common and appear in almost every level.
  • Plains - These appear in most grassland levels.
  • Jungle - Appear in most jungle levels.
  • Airborne - Appear in most sky levels.
  • Flora - These are always plants. They appear commonly in grassland, jungle and forest levels, although some can be found in other terrains.
  • Horror - Appear commonly in Ghost Houses.
  • Fort - Appears in fortress, tower and castle levels.
  • Undead - Can be found in Ghost houses, but some can be found in fortresses, castles and towers.
  • Weaponry -  These are always weapons or ammo of weapons. Can be found in every terrain, but isn't that common, besides when we're talking about airship levels.
  • Underwater - Found in underwater levels.
  • Beach - Appear in beach levels.
  • Waterside - Appear in both underwater and beach levels, or any place where's water.
  • Valley - appear commonly in mountain levels.
  • Snowy - Appear commonly in snow and Ice levels.
  • Grotto - Appear commonly in underground and cave levels.
  • City - Appear commonly in city levels.
  • Sandy - Appear commonly in desert or ruin levels.
  • Robotic - Appear commonly in factory levels, although some are found on airships.
  • Volcanic - Appear in lava-containing levels.
  • Galactic - Appear in space levels.
  • Darkness - Appear in darkness levels.
  • Misc. - Appear in every kind of terrain, but are much rarer than other kinds.

Bosses Edit

Boom Boom Charged

The dread lad Boom Boom's back!

Also see here.
Many bosses appear in the game!

They appear in fortresses, castles, and airships.

There is a final boss, too! Each world has 2 bosses. Fortress bosses, and castle bosses. The only worlds that doesn't play by these rules is world 8 and 10, where there are 2 fortress bosses.

The bosses vary between Reznors, Boom Booms, Pom Poms, the Golem Bro, and as well, the Boss Sumo Bro.

Items Edit


Coins are the most basic item in the game.

Also see here.
Many Items appear in this game. Ones like, Mushroom, Fire Flower, Toss Egg, and Red Coin.

Some of these items, like Fire Flower and Hammer Suit, grant you with great powers. These items are called "Power-Ups".

New Items Edit

  • Toss Egg
  • Silver Coin
  • Dark Cloud
  • Goal Cannon
  • Balloon Block
  • Silver P-Switch
  • 1-Down Mushroom
  • 5-Up Star

Returning Items Edit

Steam Flower

This Steam Flower allows you to shoot jets of steam, use a floating jump and sprint quicker!

  • Coin
  • Red Coin
  • Blue Coin
  • Green Coin
  • Super Gem
  • Power-Ups:
    • Super Mushroom
    • Mega Mushroom
    • Mini Mushroom
    • Super Mango
    • Fire Flower
    • Ice Flower
    • Leaf Flower
    • Wind Flower
    • Cloud Flower
    • Rock Mushroom
    • Super Leaf
    • P-Leaf
    • Invincible Leaf
    • Hammer Suit
    • Boomerang Flower
    • Crowber Suit
    • Kitsune Mask
    • Bubble Mint
    • Double Cherry
    • Steam Flower
    • Metallic Flower
    • Character Mushrooms
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Baby Yoshi Egg
  • Music Block
  • Pink Music Block
  • Beanstalk
  • Midway Pole

Power-Ups Edit

Fire Mario not Fire

Fire Mario is the most basic power-up!

Also see this.
There are many Power Ups in this game. Old and new ones will be appearing.

There are also Power-Ups for Yoshi.

The following power-ups are new:

  • Super Mango - Mango Mario
  • Wind Flower - Wind Mario
  • Leaf Flower - Tree Mario
  • P-Leaf - P-Raccoon Mario
  • Crowber Suit - Crowber Mario
  • Bubble Mint - Bubble Mario
  • Steam Flower - Steam Mario
  • Metallic Flower - Metal Mario
  • Character Mushrooms

Yoshi's Power-Ups Edit

Yoshi has many colors, and now powers!

Power-Up Image Name Yoshi Image Description
Blimp Fruit
Dash Pepper
Bulb Berry
Bubble Grapes
Poison Plum
Winged Pineapple This fruit allows Yoshi to fly for a short time, longer than Luigi's helicopter jump.

Worlds Edit

No. Name Description Tower Castle Airship Final Blockade
1 Mango Island Reznor Rover
2 Toad Town Brick Knuckle Koopa Kid
3 Coffee Desert Boom Boom Roy Koopa
4 Blooper Waves Pom Pom Cheep Boss
5 Kapacious Coppice Petey Piranha Peewee Piranha Bowser Jr.
6 Lavafrost Frontier Pom Pom Larry Koopa
7 Sugary Heaven Stormkitu Wingo Bowser Jr.
8 Mount Boomerang Boss Sumo Bro, Black Wolf Golem Bro
9 Weapon Warfield Pom Pom Fake Bowser
10a Dark-Doom City Boom Boom Bowser Jr.
10b Bowser's Highest Castle Kamek Bowser, Mecha Jr. Firelord Bowser
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