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This article is about the first chapter of the Super Mario and the Tales of Arcadia episode "New Worlds, New Faces".



(In the present day, the sun is shining all over the Mushroom Kingdom with Toads walking around Toad Town as Goombas, Koopas and Hammer Bros. are seen working on the buildings by cleaning up billboards. Luigi left the house to check on his mailbox as he open the mailbox and check out the letters with most of them being advertisements.)

  • Luigi: Okay, let me see. *turn over the letters to avoid advertisements* Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. *found a invitation letter* Got it. Today is a special day for everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom. I gotta tell Mario about this. *walk back to the house*

(Mario wake up in his bed, yawning from the bedroom of his room in the second story area as Luigi came upstairs and reach to the bedroom to see Mario)

  • Luigi: Mario, Mario.
  • Mario: What is it Luigi? Any good news to inform me for today?
  • Luigi: Princess Peach is going to host a baseball game for all of our friends today. Also, we were suppose to hang out in celebration for the annual Mushroom Festival.
  • Mario: Oh wow. We're having a baseball game today? Sweet. Didn't you say the world is going to host a Mushroom Festival somewhere around the area in the Mushroom Kingdom?
  • Luigi: The Mushroom Festival's today. Starting this morning.
  • Mario: At what time?
  • Luigi: Um. *check the invitation letter* It doesn't say the time. Somebody forgot to write in the time on the letter!
  • Mario: It's okay brother. It happen sometimes. I didn't get credited for a cartoon i worked on fifteenth years ago and i didn't get paid for it!
  • Luigi: At least, you get paid despite not being credited for a work of a production.
  • Mario: But, i got the money and paid off from my Mushroom Kingdom Bank account.
  • Luigi: You are just about the biggest Mushroom hero we ever met.
  • Mario: Hello? We're-a brothers.
  • Luigi: Then i am a Mushroom hero too.
  • Mario: You know what i'm talking about.
  • Luigi: Mushroom Festival today. We better get on the ride.
  • Mario: Let's go brother.
  • Luigi: Time for the Mushroom Festival.

(Mario and Luigi left the house and run around in the Mushroom Kingdom around the green hills)

  • Mario: Race me as you can.
  • Luigi: This isn't a race, right?
  • Mario: I'm racing you to the Mushroom Festival.
  • Luigi: You don't wanna be late.
  • Mario: Of course not.


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