Pokeball Nation
PBF Flag.jpg
Anthem: The Pokeball Anthem
(and largest city)
Samueloakington DC
Official language(s) American English
Government V.U.L.D.O.U.R.
 -  Colonel Furious Nick Governor George W. Bushtwo
 -  Upper house Master House
Currency Pokeball Notes
Time zone Same as the Mushroom Kingdom
The Pokeball Federation (AKA Pokeball Nation) is a country located in Oho Ocean below the Beanbean Kingdom, Sarasaland, The Flower Kingdom, Rogueport and The Mushroom Kingdom. It is a Mobian Colony of Plit filled with anthropomorphic Pokemon. Here are the list of 18 States of Pokeball Federation:
  1. Samueloakington DC: A capital City of PBF own by a human President Ray Chu.
  2. Dimension Desert: Bitropolis, Bitlands: It is a place run by Francis.
  3. Mon Vegas, Pikada: It is the Casino Based Stata Dwelled by Anthropomorphic Pokemon, Anthropomorphic Digimon, And even Square Monsters (like Monsters from Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Dragon's Quest and Chrono Trigger)
  4. Chao Forest: A place by King Perfect of the Chaos Bros.
  5. Diamond City: Where Warioware, Inc. is Located and Run by Wario
  6. New Donk City, Metro Kingdom: This place used to be run by a Harambe Kong named Mayor Wilbur Donk, but at The Fan Comic Version of Super Mario Odyssey, Wilbur Donk got impeached and that Mayor of New Donk City job was lent to Pauline.

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