Rosalina StarStool

Rosalina of Comet Observatory

Rosalina is a princess of the stars. She raises stars shaped creatures called Lumas. She resides in a Comet Observatory.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Rosalina has a very tall frame, in terms of other characters, being about as tall as Waluigi, if not taller. Rosalina appears to have a similar body composition to Peach and is even classified as a large-sized character in Mario Kart Wii as a result. Rosalina's skin is very fair, being a pallor white. Most of her facial features are similar to Peach's, but are tapered sharper. She has the same type of lips and nose as Peach, though her mouth has more of a natural frown and a pinkish-orange tone. Her eyes are similar to Peach's as well, but are more almond-shaped and have a deep, brown shade to her lashes rather than black. Like other main human characters, Rosalina has blue eyes, though hers have a noticeably cyan hue.

Rosalina's hair is depicted as a platinum-blonde, a much lighter blond than Peach's yellow-blond. Rosalina's hair style is quite similar to Peach's, as it consists of two separate flips on the sides in the same shape. Unlike Peach's hair however, Rosalina's includes one large bang (which covers her right eye completely), two long, shaped ear-tails, and two rows of flips at her shoulder. Continuing from her shoulder is a large single flip down her back.

Gallery Edit

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