Queen melody

Queen Lunaris in Super Mario Universe

Queen Melody is the mother of Princess Peach and Prince Pete, wife of King George, and queen of the Mushroom Kingdom


Rosalina‘s grandma Queen Melody was born in the mushroom kingdom and was raised there her whole life. She is polite, kind-hearted and proper, as she grew up in a nobleman's home who was good friends with King George's father. George and Melody were soon to be married after The king has made his resignation to the throne. A few years later George and Melody got married, George had became King, and now they have two children Prince Peter Toadstool (pete) and Princess Peach Toadstool (peach). Sometime during the king's reign Bowser's father Mr. Koopa and wife had invaded the mushroom kingdom. There was a war between the two kingdoms, Mr. Koopa had taken the castle captive. Queen Melody to her childen to safety as she ran away from her beloved home. George had no choice but to surrender. Mr. Koopa found Melody in the bushes hiding her children, and she was kidnapped. After she was abducted the mushroom kingdom was never the same until Peach was an infant. Her steward Toadsworth the young, had taken the Mushroom Kingdom back from Mr. Koopa, and raised Peach as his own. Melody on the other hand had to live the rest of her life locked in Mr. Koopa's castle until a hero of great good can save her.


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