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Raphael Mario

Nice guy, right?
Born Raphael Cornelius Rigassi Mario, Esq.
Suburban Shroomopolis, MK
Died Various times
Cause of death Various
Residence With his Uncles and Cousin
Other names

Raph (By certain parties) M'boy (By E. Gadd)

He who walks among the two worlds (By ancients)
Ethnicity American (Italian decent)
Citizenship Mushroom Kingdom
Education Science, Technology, study of ghost.
Area of Education Professor E. Gadd's labs
Occupation Inventor, scientist, ghost studier, superhero, Professor E. Gadd's Apprentice.
Organization The MKNGC (Leader)
Known for his battle suit fashioned to look like a regular mario outfit.
Style Blue, traditional Mario attire with grey boots
Home town Toad Town
Height 5'0"
Weight 400 (With Suit) 210 (Without Suit)

Slash Koopa (Arch Nemesis)

Karmelita Koopa (Ex-Girlfriend)

Robo Raph (Creation gone wrong), ect.

Rex Koopa Kairochi Kong

Waraphael Wario

Hauntra Rigassi (Mother)

Antonio Mario (Father, deceased)

Mario Mario (Uncle and grambifather)

Luigi Mario (Uncle and standby guardian)

Felicity Mario (Cousin)

Raphael Cornelius Rigassi Mario, Esq. is the 13 year-old nephew to the Mario Brothers. He was sent to live with them after the death of his mother (allegedly) and father. He is a human-ghost hybrid.

Physical Appearence[]

Raphael in Ghost Form.

He wears a battle suit fashioned like an outfit similar to that of many members of the Mario Family thanks to something he calls "Textile Technology". His body build is that of a Pretty Boy. In his ghost form, he is all blue with glowing yellow eyes and fangs. His voice gains a ghostly echo.


Usually calm, collective and quiet in most affairs. Easily angered when something goes wrong. (Human Form)

Wild, unruly, acts superior to some of his opponents, snarky, somewhat rude, and cocky. (Ghost Form)

Powers and Abilities[]

Along with his regular human capabilities, he was also born with supernatrual ones being half ghost.

  • His human form has the following.
    • Superhuman Intelligence: He was born a child prodigy and has a precocious, know-it-all personality which is balanced out by his caring nature.
    • Superhuman Strength: Despite his appearence, he has an unusual amount of strength for your average Mushroom World human as he is capable of lifting an entire Castle from it's foundation with his bare hands. This is amplified by his suit.
    • Self-Revival: He has an unlimited amount of Extra Lives.
    • Speaking Booish: Is fluant in this language.
    • Ectomium Sensing: He senses a special type of energy primarily found in Ghosts. This makes his own Ectomium spike up. The longer he senses it, the higher his Ectomium levels rise. The higher they rise, the colder he gets. The colder he gets, the more his power fills up. When it overflows, he transforms into his Ghost Form.
  • Aside from the latter, other means of his transformation include being knocked out three times in a row (Sleeping doesn't count), when he gets super angry and absorbing Ectomium from other sources. When he morphs into Ghost Form, the following are added.
    • Telekinesis: Your basic Ghost ability.
    • Elemental Manipulation: Can manipulate the elements.
    • Ectomium Manipulation: He can do various energy blasts from beams to giant balls of Ectomium.
    • Posession: He can take control of one of his opponents and use their abilities.
    • Phasing through solid objects: Nuff said.
    • Transformation: Can change into various things used to mainly frighten his opponents.
    • Reenforcements: His tongue removes itself and respawns as many times as needed creating a bunch of soldiers from them.
    • Reality Manipulation: Used for various things, such as macabre-esque punishments.

Back in Shroomopolis[]

(More to Come)