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Princess Rosalina/ Princess of the Galaxy

Age: 23



Princess Rosalina is a princess of the stars. She raises star-shaped creatures called Lumas. She resides in a Comet Observatory, and also a helper to Mario.


She wears a crown that is silver, a turquoise gown with star decorations, one of her eyes are covered by her hair. She wears silver shoes. She uses a wand and she wears star earrings.


She looks likes not wearing unique clothes in sports games!

Hint 1.You can use beta version to see is clothes right. Hint 2.Vote and diucuss it or fan art Hint 3.Don’t Hack if you want she wear that clothes.Want it.Wait Nintendo design.

Rosalina's Best friends[]

Appearances in Media[]

Total Mushroom Island[]

Rosalina was one of the 19 people to compete in Total Mushroom Island. She was the first out in episode 1 because she could not complete the challenge in time.