Major General Samuel Declaire

Major General Sam Declaire from Super Princess Peach: Ally or Enemy?

Major General Samuel Roger Declaire (A.K.A. Raging Sam) is the Stone hearted (yet kind) General of the Mushroom Kingdom Defense Force 2nd only to main General Robert Patton. after hearing from Sorceress Durian he gaine a deap Loathe of Peach who he thought betrayed the Mushroom Kingdom treating her like she is the "traitor".

His Battle with PeachEdit

He has a Mushroom Kingdom Defense Mech which is called "Gamera ". After Peach defeated him in Gusty Gulch (which she does twice an adventure) Peach informs that the Marriage is and will always be a sham and she hates her Marriage with Bowser  complaining that Nastasia forced her into marrying him, before walking towards the Gingerbread Manor. and That's the case, he didn't know that it was a Kidnap Marriage the whole time and that really lightened his heart completely. He then says "What the hell have I done?"

Raging Sam theme

Raging Sam theme

Raging Sam theme


When he was 14, he used to be Prince of the Koopas, but then he found out his Parents were Killed by the Traitor, Mortin Sr., who was Guided by Kamek, so he and his Koopas ran away from Dark Land  (which was once called Declair Goodlands) and headed towards the Mushroom Kingdom to join the Mushroom Kingdom Defense Force led by Robert Patton.

Voice OverEdit

Tom Hanks makes a great voice over for Sam because his and Forrest Gump's Voice are very similar.


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