Super Mario The Movie is a film By Xlaim and Nintendo Based off the Super Mario Franchise and Oggy and the Cockroaches the Movie.


Ever since the world was born, two forces have been locked in perpetual battle. Their struggle is so Manichean, so ferocious, so Herculean that it makes the clash between good and evil look like a game of checkers! This ancestral duel is so ancient and so merciless that it can only be, Mario against the Koopa Troop!



  • Mario Jumpman Mario takes on the role of Oggy in the film. Voiced by Charles Martinet
  • Luigi Mario takes on the role of Jack in this film, however, is a bit more of a scaredy cat. Also voiced by Charles Martinet
  • Princess Peach Toadstool takes on the role of Customer in this film. Voiced by Samantha Kelly
  • Princess Daisy is a princess from Sarasaland she is Luigi's Love. Voiced by Deema Mustard
  • Toad is a Customer That where Mcdonalds and Wendy's. Voiced By Sammantha Kelly
  • Yoshi is a Worker that helps Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Voiced By Kamuzi Totaka
  • Mr. Noodle is a Character from Elmo's World he is neighbour between mario and luigi. Voiced by Bill Irwin
  • Toadette is Diddy Kong's Girlfriend she is from Toad's Partner. Voiced By Sammantha Kelly
  • Diddy Kong is Evil rival Mario's friend. Voiced By Katsumi Suzuki
  • Peso Penguin is a Medical that helps Sea Creatures Feel Better. Voiced By Wayne Grayson
  • Tweak Bunny is a Engineer that Gup a moves. Voiced By Jo Wyatt
  • Barnacle Bear is a Evil Captain that Scares mario and luigi. Voiced By Simon Greenal
  • Octonauts is a character from Meomi
  • Shade is elmo's window from Elmo's World 1998 and He is mr. noodle inside. Voiced By Matt Vogel
  • Door is elmo's pink color from 1998 and He is from Elmo's World. Voiced By Donavan Patton
  • Drawer is elmo's quiz and he is from Elmo's World 1998. Voiced By Matt Vogel
  • TV is an Elmo's channel and he is from Elmo's World 1998. Voiced By Steve Burns
  • Customers is a character of from Mario world. voiced by Various.
  • Police is a character from Mario World. and he is from Ready Jet Go Rainbow Ruby and Bros Wii. Voiced By Various
  • Wags the Dog is a character from the Wiggles and he is taking the airplane back to the mario world. Voiced by Jeff Fatt
  • Cow is a pet character and he is Mario's pet. Voiced By Paul Reubens
  • Bowser Jr. Is Bowser's Little Brother and he is at the Beach. Voiced by Dolores Rogers
  • Koopa Troopa is a green shell and the Red shell is an customer. Voiced By Paul Panting
  • Timothy Leslie Templeton is a Baby's Brother that helps Baby Corp. Voiced by Miles Christopher Balski
  • Wario is a mario's rival and he is a customer Voiced by Charles Martinet
  • Waluigi is a narrator that reads mario world. Voiced by Charles Martinet
  • King Boo is a King and he is Baby Rosalina's Brother. Voiced By Katmuzi Suzuki
  • Baby Rosalina. Is king boo's daughter and she is Rosalina's baby. Voiced by Laura Faye Smith
  • Lofty is an customer that helps everyone bob the builder. Voiced by Sonya Leitie
  • Enemies is a singer that helps mario and luigi going to the hotel pool. Voiced by Various
  • Muno is a character that scares mario and luigi at the hotel pool. Voiced by Tom Kenny
  • Steve is a character from Blue's clues. Voiced by Steve Burns
  • Joe is a character from also Blue's clues. Voiced by Donavan Patton
  • The Wiggles is a character from Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Voiced by. Murray Cook Jeff Fatt Anthony Field Greg Page


  • Bowser takes the role of Bob in this film. At certain points, he will switch from good to bad. Voiced by Kenny James


  • Koopa is the main antagonist throught the entire film, and takes the role of Joey. Voiced by Paul Panting
  • Goomba takes the role of Marky in the film. Voiced by Dean Clark
  • Cheep Cheep takes the role of Dee Dee in the film. Voiced by Lizzie Waterworth
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