Super Mario Advance 5 is a game realeased for all types of PCs, and later one of the first titles of the Nintendo Switch. It has 3 modes: A Remake of the original Super Mario Bros., the original Mario Bros. for the arcade, and finally Super Mario Bros 2.: The Lost Levels.

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Super Mario Bros. Remake[edit | edit source]

The remake of Super Mario Bros. has a few tricks, one is the Whimpy Star. Whimpy Stars make Mario/Luigi more vurnrable to enemies, the Mario Bros. cant jump on them, use a power-up to defeat them, ect. Instead he will lose a life even if he is big/has a power-up. no

Mario Bros.[edit | edit source]

Mario Bros. is just as it was, except there are even more levels (500-1000).

The Lost Levels[edit | edit source]

Super Mario Advance 5 no presenta el nuevo aspecto de Doki-Doki Panic, pero tiene el juego original: The Lost Levels. ¡Ahora puedes jugar al Super Mario Bros.2 original en tu PC / Switch!

New Game Year: December 31, 2021

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