Super Mario Fanon

I Don't Own Them Vargoyle Ryjack.

Warning; Small Amount Blood.

With Mario And Luigi.

We See Mario Luigi And Cappy Fighting Browser.

Mario; Bowser Again Let Me Save Peach.

Bowser; Never.

Bowser Unleash His Fire Breath.

Mario And Luigi Dodges It.

Luigi Fire A Green Lightning Bolt At Bowser.

Bowser Was Stun.

Mario Engulf His Hand With Fire And Punches Bowser.

Bowser Laugh.

Cappy; Oh No.

Mario; Mama Mia.

Bowser Laughed.

Cappy Run And Hide.

Mario; Cappy Wait.

Bowser Punches Mario Into The Wall And Rubble Fall On Top On Mario.

Luigi; Mario.

Princess Peach; No.

Bowser Laugh.

Bowser Jr; We Win.

A Sun Slash Hitting Bowser.

Bowser; Huh.

Sonic Hey Bowser.

Luigi; Sonic Tails Shadow Knuckles Storm.

Storm; Hey Man.

Bowser; Get Them.

Sonic; Scratch.

Scratch; Got It.

He Open His Chest Hatch.

Bowser; Huh?

Scratch; Giga Storm.

He Fired High Temperature Energy Waves At Bowser And Bowser JR.

They Smashed Through The Wall.

Bowser; Ow.

Sonic; Yuma Free The Princess.

He Nodded.

Yuma Pull Out One Of His Sword And Cut Princess Peach Free.

Yuma; There You Go.

Princess Peach; Thank You.

Yuma; Your Welcome.

Luigi; Where's Mario.

Shock Spotted Mario's Hat.

Shock; There.

Princess Peach; Mario Mario.

Scratch; Knuckles Storm Crow.

Storm Knuckles And Crow Move The Rumble.

They Saw Mario Completely Hurt.

Peach Cover Her Mouth.

Scratch; I Got Him.

Scratch Rebuild Mario With Chrome Digizoid And Blue Digizoid Like Armor.

We See Mario Wakes Up.

Mario; Huh.

Peach; Mario.

Luigi; Your Okay.

Peach Hugged Mario.

Mario; What Happen?

Scratch; Tons Of Rubble Fall On You.

Utopia; Now Your Are Cyborg.

Mario; What?

Scratch; I Use Chrome Digizord And Blue Digizoid To Rebuild You.

Mario; Woah.