Super Mario Odyssey 2

Super Mario Odyssey 2

Super Mario Odyssey 2 is a 2020 3D platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 4DS and serves as sequel to the 2017 game Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. This story follows Mario and his friends having a good time. They will travel to Disneyworld.

Synopsis Edit

Mario and Cappy are relaxing in Mushroom Kingdom after the evil Bowser was gone for good. Now Mario has to help Mickey recover the missing power moons to restore his amusement world.


Mushroom Kingdom

The Mushroom Kingdom is unlockable by completing the game.


Disneyworld is the very first kingdom you travel to, and a default place to travel.


This kingdom can be accessible after defeating the final boss. You can use your coins here to ride the different attractions. There a purple moons in here.

Retirement Kingdom

The secret area that can be reached by collecting all the Mushroom Kingdom power moons.

Universal Studios

The park that can be unlocked after collecting all the special coins in all of the areas.


The story begins with Mario sleeping in his bed. Just then, Luigi bursts in telling Mario that he and the others had been invited to Walt Disneyworld, where Mickey was waiting for them. He quickly puts on his best clothes, packs his belongings, and joins Peach on the Odyssey, where Cappy and Tiara are waiting for them. When they arrive however, the Odyssey breaks down and the team is stranded in Florida. The enter the gates only to discover the land is beginning to grey out! Mickey tells them that the power moons, which power the 4 kingdoms, were stolen and scattered across the park by a creature from the moon. Mario quickly realizes this is Bowser, who wants revenge on him from marooning him.

Mario agrees to help Mickey recover the power moons, restore the park, and kick out Bowser in the process.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

Characters marked in italics can be unlocked.

Mario - Mario is one of the main heroes in the game. He is available by default.

Luigi - Luigi is one of the main heroes in the game. Like Mario, he is available by default.

Cappy - Cappy is Mario's hat companion.

Hatty - Hatty is Luigi's hat companion.

Blue - Blue is Mickey's hat companion.

Toad - Toad is playable in his game, Toad's Mushroom Journey.

Non-Playable Edit

Princess Peach - Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, who is now ready to get married to Mario.

Mickey Mouse - The descendant of Walt Disney. He is worried about the park, so he tries to help Mario by giving him tools to support him.

Toad's Mushroom Journey Edit

Toad's Mushroom Journey is a game in Super Mario Odyssey 2, where the player can play as Toad. The main objective of the game is to collect 20 mushrooms and avoid all poison mushrooms before the one-minute timer runs out.

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