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This is a game for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Switch.


Battle Returns[]




more coming soon...

Individual Mode[]

All Star Mode

Classic Mode

Boss Battle Mode

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Adventure Mode "The Dream Knights"[]

The Dream Knights are our team who combat against the Nightmare Army.



  • Mario (Super Mario)
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Kirby (Kirby)
  • Pikachu (Pokémon)
  • Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)
  • Samus/Zero Suit Samus (Metroid)
  • Fox (Star Fox)
  • Yoshi (Yoshi)
  • Bowser (Super Mario)
  • Pit (Kid Icarus)
  • Ike (Fire Emblem)
  • Meta Knight (Kirby)
  • Wario (WarioWare)
  • Mr. Game & Watch (Game & Watch)
  • Lucario (Pokémon)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Charizard (Pokémon)
  • Peach (Super Mario) 
  • Marth (Fire Emblem) 
  • Jigglypuff (Pokémon)
  • Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) 
  • King Dedede (Kirby) 
  • Rosalina and Luma (Super Mario)
  • Luigi (Super Mario)
  • Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Toon Link/Young Link (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Olimar/Alph (Pikmin)
  • Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
  • Ness (EarthBound)
  • Lucas (EarthBound)
  • Villager (Animal Crossing)
  • Wii Fit Trainer (Wii Fit)
  • Megaman (Mega Man)
  • Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)
  • Falco (Star Fox)
  • Ice Climbers (Ice Climber)
  • Dr. Mario (Super Mario)
  • Mewtwo (Pokémon)
  • Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong)
  • Lucina/Chrom (Fire Emblem)
  • Robin (Fire Emblem)
  • Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy)
  • Ryu (Street Fighter)
  • Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
  • Corrin (Fire Emblem)
  • Wolf (Star Fox)
  • Roy (Fire Emblem)
  • Palutena (Kid Icarus)
  • Dark Pit (Kid Icarus)
  • Pac-Man (Pac-Man)
  • Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
  • Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Mii Fighters (Super Smash Bros.)
  • R.O.B. (Nintendo)
  • Duck Hunt (Duck Hunt)
  • Pichu (Pokémon)
  • Bowser Jr./The Kooplings (Super Mario)
  • Sheik (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Greninja/Ash-Greninja (Pokémon)
  • Petey Piranha (Super Mario) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Daisy (Super Mario) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Captain Toad (Super Mario) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • King Boo (Super Mario) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Geno (Super Mario) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Paper Mario (Super Mario) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • King K. Rool (Donkey Kong) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Ghirahim (The Legend of Zelda) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Vaati (The Legend of Zelda) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Toon Zelda/Tetra (The Legend of Zelda) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Midna & Wolf Link (The Legend of Zelda) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Lana (The Legend of Zelda) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Linkle (The Legend of Zelda) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Sceptile (Pokémon) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Incineroar (Pokemon) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Krystal (Star Fox) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Inkling (Splatoon) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Isaac (Golden Sun) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Ms. Pac-Man (Pac-Man) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Tails "Miles" Prowers (Sonic the Hedgehog) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Goku (DragonBall Z) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Vegeta (DragonBall Z) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Arturia 'Saber' Pendragon (Fate/stay night) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Reji Arimsu and Xiaomu (Namco × Capcom) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Raiden (Metal Gear Solid) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Invader Zim and GIR (Invader Zim) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Toriko (Toriko) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Build (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Batman (DC Comics) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Deadpool (Marvel Comics) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Hulk (Marvel Comics) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Rick and Morty (Rick and Morty) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Finn the Human (Adventure Time) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Jake the Dog (Adventure Time) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Ruby Rose (RWBY) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Zero (Megaman X) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Waluigi (Super Mario) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Rayman (Rayman) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Spyro the Dragon (Spyro the Dragon) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Jin Kazama/Devil Jin (TEKKEN) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Tokomon (Tokomon Crossover Waruldo) (NEWCOMER!!!)
  • Sans (Undertale) (NEWCOMER!!!)
  • Flain (Mixels) (NEWCOMER!!!)
  • Scorpi (Mixels) (NEWCOMER!!!)
  • Sharkitty (Mixels FAN CHARACTERS) (NEWCOMER!!!)

DLC Characters[]

  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Mickey Mouse (Disney) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Magnus (Kid Icarus) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Chaos 0 (Sonic the Hedgehog) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Fawful (Super Mario) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Banjo-Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Shantae (Shantae) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Tracer (Overwatch) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Aang (Avatar the Last Airbender) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Prince Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Korra (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Gokai Red (Super Sentai) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Black/Black RX (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Decade (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Den-O (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider W (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider OOO (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Fourze (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Wizard (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Gaim (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Drive (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Ghost (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (Kamen Rider) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Amazon Omega (Kamen Rider Amazons) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha (Kamen Rider Amazons) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kamen Rider Amazon Neos (Kamen Rider Amazons) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Red Buster (Super Sentai) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Kyoryuu Red (Super Sentai) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • ToQ 1gou (Super Sentai) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Akaninger (Super Sentai) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • ZyuohEagle (Super Sentai) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Shishi Red (Super Sentai) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Sieg and Jeanne D'Arc (Fate/Apocrypha) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum (Final Fantasy) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Mordred and Kairi Sisigou (Fate/Apocrypha) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Iron Man (Marvel Comics) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Captain America (Marvel Comics) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Thor (Marvel Comics) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Boba Fett (Star Wars) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Darth Vader (Star Wars) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Velociraptor (Jurassic Park) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Blossom (The Powerpuff Girls) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Optimus Prime (Transformers) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Frieza (Final Form) (Dragon Ball Z) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo) (NEWCOMER!!)
  • Booger (Mixels) (NEWCOMER!!!)
  • Snoof (Mixels) (NEWCOMER!!!)
  • Camillot (Mixels) (NEWCOMER!!!)

Note: The character roster will be 40-87.

Non-Playable Characters[]

  • Toad (from Super Mario)
  • Master Hand
  • Crazy Hand

Nightmare Army Bosses[]

  • Spector (Ape Escape!)
  • Ridley (Metroid)
  • Omega Ridley (Metroid) (Update)
  • Ying-Yarn (Kirby)
  • Megahammer (Super Mario) (Update)
  • Dalek Emperor (Doctor Who)
  • Crazy Hand (Super Smash Bros.) (exclusive to Classic Mode)
  • Master Hand (Super Smash Bros.) (exclusive to Classic Mode)
  • Admiral Zhao (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Perfect Chaos (controlled by Mojo Jojo) (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Shadow Moon and General Jark (Kamen Rider Black/Kamen Rider Black RX)
  • Space Ika Devil and Girumaada (Kamen Rider Wizard/Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger)
  • Utopia Dopant (Kamen Rider W)
  • Kyoryuu Greeed (Kamen Rider OOO)
  • Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim, Demushu and Redyue (Kamen Rider Gaim)
  • Kamen Rider White Wizard (Kamen Rider Wizard)
  • Kamen Rider Ouja (Kamen Rider Ryuki)
  • Paradox Roidmude/Kamen Rider Dark Drive (Kamen Rider Drive)
  • Kamen Rider Amazon Sigma and Bat Amazon (Kamen Rider Amazons)
  • Ultron Sigma (Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite)
  • Shirou Kotomine and Gilgamesh (Fate/Apocrypha/Fate/stay night)
  • Shocker Leader III (Leader of the Nightmare Army) (Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen) (Final Boss)

Secret Final Bosses[]

  • Godzilla (Godzilla) (Secret Final Boss #1)
  • Kamen Rider Odin and Megatron (Kamen Rider Ryuki/Transformers) (Secret Final Boss #2)
  • Infinite, Lord Vortech, Thanos, Polygon Man and Tabuu (Sonic Forces/LEGO Dimensions/Marvel Comics/Playstation All Stars Battle Royale/Super Smash Bros.) (Secret Final Boss #3)
  • Black Cross King/Ambassador Hell (Himitsu Sentai Goranger/Kamen Rider) (Secret Final Boss #4)
  • Colonel Mal Radec/Darksied (Killzone/DC Comics) (Secret Final Boss #5)

Nightmare Army Enemies[]

  • Primids (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Daleks (Doctor Who)
  • Shocker Soldiers (Kamen Rider)
  • Destrone Soldiers (Kamen Rider V3)
  • Chaps (Kamen Rider Black RX)
  • Mole Imagins (Kamen Rider Den-O)
  • Nova Shocker Soldiers (Kamen Rider Ghost)
  • Nanashi (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger)
  • Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi (Tensou Sentai Goseiger)
  • Gormins (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger)
  • Buglars (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters)
  • Zomiras (ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuuger)
  • Kuros Combatants (Ressha Sentai ToQger)
  • Hitokarage (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger)
  • Moebas (Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger)

Assist Trophies[]

  • Rocky Wrench (Super Mario)
  • Boomerang Bro. (Super Mario)
  • Starfy (The Legendary Starfy)
  • Waddle Doo (Kirby)
  • Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Nintendog (Nitendogs)
  • Luke (Professor Layton)
  • E-123 Omega (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Genji (Overwatch)
  • Squidward Tentacles (Spongebob Squarepants)
  • Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)
  • Sombra (Overwatch)
  • Archer (Fate/stay night)
  • Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha)
  • Bass (Mega Man)
  • Team Flare Grunt (Pokémon) 
  • Kalimba Tiki (Donkey Kong) 
  • Avatar (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Prince Fluff (Kirby) 
  • Goomba (Super Mario) (Update)
  • Koopa Troopa (Super Mario) (Update)
  • Lyn (Fire Emblem) (Update)
  • Knuckle Joe (Kirby) (Update)
  • Dr. Wright (SimCity) (Update)
  • Grand Pa (Silvagunner)

more will coming soon...

Poké Ball[]

  • Beedrill (doing Pin Missile)
  • Staryu (doing Swift)
  • Torterra (doing Earthquake)
  • Hitmonchan (doing Dinamic Punch)
  • Gogoat (doing Headbutt)
  • Scolipede (doing Megahorn)
  • Graveler (doing Rollout)
  • Helioptile (doing Parabolic Charge) (Update)
  • Bunnelby (doing Quick Attack) (Update)
  • Minum (doing Shock Wave)
  • Plusle (doing Shock Wave)
  • Minum & Plusle (at the same time) (they joins and do Thunder)
  • Zygarde (doing Outrage)
  • Mew (rare pokemon, if you found this pokemon, you can unlock some characters)
  • Jirachi (rare pokemon, if you found this pokemon, you can unlock some characters)
  • Celebi (rare pokemon, if you found this pokemon, you can unlock some characters)
  • Keldeo (SUPER RARE POKEMON, if you found this pokemon, you can unlock some stages)
  • Oshawott (Using His Blade While ORA ORA ORA ing it SUPER RARE POKEMON)

more will coming soon...

Hero Cards[]

  • Aoninger (Shurkien Sentai Ninninger)
  • Kamen Rider Zolda (Kamen Rider Ryuki)
  • Beet Buster (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters)
  • Kamen Rider Ryugen (Kamen Rider Gaim)
  • Kamen Rider Skull (Kamen Rider W)
  • Kyoryu Blue (ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuuger)
  • Kamen Rider DiEnd (Kamen Rider Decade)
  • Kamen Rider Gatack (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
  • Shinken Red (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger)
  • Gosei Knight (Tensou Sentai Goseiger)
  • Wolzard Fire (Mahou Sentai MagiRanger)
  • Kamen Rider Knight (Kamen Rider Ryuki)
  • Kamen Rider Den-O (Rod Form) (Kamen Rider Den-O)
  • Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin (Kamen Rider Gaim)
  • RyuuRanger (Gosei Sentai DaiRanger)

more will coming soon...


  • Smash Ball (Smash Bros.)
  • Assist Trophy (Smash Bros.)
  • Poké Ball (Pokémon)
  • Hero Cards (Kamen Rider)
  • Green Shell (Super Mario)
  • Red Shell (Super Mario)
  • Peanut Popgun (Donkey Kong)
  • Heart Container (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Golden Hammer (Donkey Kong)
  • Fire Flower (Super Mario)
  • Cubit (Mixels)
  • Warp Star (Kirby)
  • Beam Sword (Smash Bros.)


  • Battelfield (Super Smash Bros.)
  • Bridge of Islands (Super Mario) (resembles World 6-1 Super Mario 3D Land)
  • Mushroom Valley (Super Mario) (it's a Mario Tennis Open stage)
  • Galactic Battlefield (Super Mario) (it's a Super Mario Galaxy 2 stage, take place in the battlefield where you battle Vs Giga Lakitu) 
  • Gloomy Manor (Luigi's Mansion) (it's a Dark Moon stage)
  • Lost Woods (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Hyrule & Lorule (The Legend of Zelda) (it's a Link Between Worlds stage)
  • Eldin Volcano (The Legend of Zelda) (it's a Skyward Sword stage)
  • Fantasy Meadows (Kirby) (it's a cruise-type stage, like Port Town in Brawl)
  • Pirate Homeworld (Metroid)
  • Hall of Elders (Metroid)
  • Area 6 (Star Fox)
  • 25m (Donkey Kong) 
  • Paint Screen (New Art Academy)
  • Wonder City (The Wonderful 101) 
  • Rec-Rec (Electroplankton)
  • Wild Desert (Dillon's Rolling Western) 
  • Denliner (Kamen Rider Den-O) 
  • Helheim Forest (Kamen Rider Gaim) 
  • Gokai Galleon (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) 
  • Spirit Base (ZyuDenSentai Kyoryuuger) 
  • Oriongou (Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger) 
  • Avengers Tower (Marvel Comics) 
  • Wuhu Island (Wii) (Update)
  • Nintendo eShop (Nintendo) (Update)

Past Stages[]

Smash N64[]

  • Saffron City (N64)
  • Sector Z (N64)
  • Hyrule Castle (N64)


  • Mushroom Kingdom II (Melee)
  • Kongo Jungle (Melee)
  • Great Bay (Melee) 
  • Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)


  • Summit (Brawl)
  • Bridge of Eldin (Brawl)
  • Spear Pillar (Brawl) 
  • Pirate Ship (Brawl)
  • Distant Planet (Brawl)
  • Port Town Aero Dive (Brawl)
  • Halberd (Brawl)

Adventure Mode: "The Dreamy Knights"