Super Smash Bros.: Nation Battle/Smackdown! is a game made by ML&ST Inc. The Random Block helped the company release the game.

Splitting the game into two sub-games, thus being Smackdown! and Nation Battle, proceed in 2019.


This game is has the same controls and items as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with some items in SSB4, SSBU and new items.



"NB" means Nation Battle; "S" means Smackdown!.

Character Series Status Games
8-Bit Mario Mario Unlockable NB
Bass Mega Man DLC NB
Bayonetta Bayonetta DLC NB
Black Mage Final Fantasy Default NB
Bowser* Mario Default NB, S
Bowser Jr. Mario Unlockable NB
Byleth Fire Emblem DLC NB
Captain Falcon F-Zero Unlockable (S)

Default (NB)

Charizard Pokemon Default NB
Chrom Fire Emblem Unlockable NB
Cloud Final Fantasy DLC NB
Corrin Fire Emblem Unlockable NB
Count Bleck Paper Mario Unlockable NB
Dark Pit Kid Icarus DLC NB
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Default NB, S
Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong Unlockable NB
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Unlockable NB, S
Eevee Pokemon Default NB
Falco* Star Fox Default NB, S
Fox Star Fox Default NB, S
Fuse Man Mega Man DLC NB
Ganondorf* Legend of Zelda Unlockable NB, S
Goku Dragonball Default NB
Greninja Pokemon Default NB
Hilda Pokemon Default NB
Hero Dragon Quest DLC NB
Ice Climbers* Ice Climber


Ike Fire Emblem Unlockable (S)

Default (NB)

Incineroar Pokemon Unlockable NB
Impa Legend of Zelda Unlockable NB
Inuyasha InuYasha Unlockable NB
Ivysaur Pokemon Default NB
Jolteon Pokemon DLC NB
Jigglypuff Pokemon Unlockable (S)

Default (NB)

Kamek Yoshi Unlockable NB
King Dedede Kirby Default NB, S
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Unlockable NB
Kirby Kirby Default NB, S
Koopa Kid Mario Unlockable NB
Kyo Kusanagi King of Fighters Default NB
Leon Star Fox Unlockable NB
Link Legend of Zelda Default NB, S
Lucas Earthbound Default (S)

Unlockable (NB)

Lucario Pokemon Unlockable NB, S
Lucina Fire Emblem Unlockable NB
Lugia Pokemon DLC NB
Luigi Mario Unlockable (S)

Default (NB)

Mario Mario Default NB, S
Marth* Fire Emblem Default (S)

Unlockable (NB)

Mega Man Mega Man Unlockable NB
Meowth Pokemon Default NB
Meta Knight Kirby Unlockable NB, S
Mewtwo* Pokemon Unlockable NB, S
Mr Game & Watch* Game & Watch Unlockable NB, S
Ness Earthbound Unlockable (S)

Default (NB)

Olimar Pikmin Default NB, S
Palutena Kid Icarus Unlockable NB
Paper Mario Paper Mario Unlockable NB
Peach* Mario Default NB, S
Pichu* Pokemon Unlockable NB, S
Pikachu Pokemon Default NB, S
Piranha Plant Mario DLC NB
Pit Kid Icarus Default NB, S
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Default S
Rawk Hawk Paper Mario DLC NB
R.O.B R.O.B Unlockable NB, S
Robin Fire Emblem Default NB
Rosalina Mario Unlockable NB
Samus Aran Metroid Default NB, S
Sheik Legend of Zelda Default NB, S
Snake Metal Gear Solid Unlockable NB, S
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Default NB, S
Sora Kingdom Hearts Default NB
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog DLC NB
Toad Mario Default NB
Toon Link Legend of Zelda Unlockable NB
Waluigi Wario Unlockable NB
Wario Wario Default NB, S
Wartortle Pokemon Default NB
Wolf Star Fox Unlockable NB, S
Yoshi Yoshi/Yoshi's Island Default NB, S
Zacian Pokemon DLC NB
Zelda Legend of Zelda Default NB, S
Zero Suit Samus Metroid Default NB, S

Unlockable Concent Edit

Smackdown! Edit

Character Series How to Unlock Special moves
Captain Falcon F-Zero
  • Play 50 Brawls
  • Complete 20 Events
  • Get Captain Falcon to join your party in The Demon Sage
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong
  • Play 30 Brawls
  • Complete Classic Mode with Donkey Kong
  • Get Diddy Kong to join your party in the Demon Sage
Ganondorf Legend of Zelda

Nation Battle Edit

Newcomers (Smackdown!)Edit

Amy Rose

Sonic the Hedgehog Default
Bowser Jr Mario Unlockable
Baby Mario/Baby Luigi Yoshi's Island Unlockable
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Default
Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Default
Krystal Star Fox Default
Meowth Pokemon Default

Also in NB

Mega Man Mega Man Unlockable
Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Unlockable
Leon Star Fox Unlockable

Also in NB

Panther Star Fox Unlockable
Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Default
Silver Sonic the Hedgehog Unlockable
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Default
Waluigi Mario Unlockable

Adventure Mode: (S) Demon Sage (NB) World of Fight Edit

Note.Sometimes a / is used as there are seperate paths such as in the first battle the player is able to choose between Mario and Sonic and, in Nation Battle, Pikachu, and thus there is different storyline in Smackdown!, compared to Nation Battle's storyline.

Demon Sage Story Edit

Months after the events of the Subspace Emiserry, peace has been restored to the World of Trophies, new characters have joined the world and all is fine until the following events take place

At the Midair Staduim another brawl is taking place with a wild crowd including Princess Peach and Amy Rose, Mario's Trophy is thrown into the staduim followed by Sonic's the two are revived and start to fight Mario/Sonic eventually wins the battle and walks over to revive Sonic/Mario but before he could the Halberd arrives and sucks the trophy up and Meta Knight drops out but his eyes are bright red.Amy/Peach drops in and, enraged at Sonic/Mario's capture battles him with Mario/Sonic, they defeat him in combat and turn him into a trophy but as this happens a golden X surrounds Meta Knight before disapearing, Amy/Peach revives him with his eyes yellow again but he seems unable to remember the previous events Sonic/Mario then arrives whos eyes are also red and fires a purple plasma chain from a Trophy Ray which ties up Amy/Peach which turns gold transforming her into a Trophy which he takes with him back to the halberd which fires a similair beam at the staduim which glows purples and begins to fade away.Meta Knight flys away carrying Mario/Sonic with him while Peach/Amy boards the Halberd.Meanwhile Link, who was watching the events from a nearby area chases after the halberd he eventualy finds Meowth who was sleeping on the ground a series of fire-snake wake him up, over-powering Meowth and turning him into a trophy they are about to leave with it until Link destroys them and revives Meowth the two follow the halberd through the forest until it flys over a clift the two jump down to follow it, but a gold glow confirms that this trophy-fied them.Back with Meta Knight and Mario/Sonic the two land in the plains and eventually find Rayquaza who attacks them, they defeat the dragon pokemon which explodes and releases a badly damaged Airwing the two search it and find the trophy of Fox McCloud who they revive who explains that the Halberd stole Star Foxes reflector technoligy and that he, Falco and Krystal went after it but after being attacked they got seperated and Fox's Airwing was attacked by Rayquaza who managed to defeat him and swallowed the Airwing but Meta Knight does not remember doing such a thing.Meanwhile on a hill down to the forest where Tails is located, Sonic/Mario arrives and assisinates and attempts to capture him but Yoshi who was in the area at the time eats his Trophy Ray, Sonic/Mario is enraged and defeats Yoshi in combat turning him into a trophy he attempts to flee but is shot by a cannon shot from Tails causing him to drop the trophy.Tails revives Yoshi and they engage him in battle and succefully defeat him and the golden X surrounds him before he reverts to trophy form, Tails revives him and his eyes turn back to normal but Sonic/Mario is unable to remember his past deed and the three conclude that Sonic/Mario was under mind control they explore the forest and eventually find the trophies of Link and Meowth and revive them.Meanwhile at the Research Facility (not the same one from Brawl) Zero Suit Samus breaks in to find her stolen power-suit, she eventually finds a deactivated R.O.B and her power suit she reactivates him only to discover he two is under mind control as he goes on a rampage, she defeats him in combat and after he is released from mind controle and turned into a trophy she revives him and puts on her power suit as the two break out of the facility.Meanwhile at the swamp King Dedede picks up a sleeping Pikachu but is hit by a cannonball causing them both to get Star KO'd and turned into trophys, it is revealed that this was Wario and Waluigi who use them to start a collection of trophies as they leave in their vehicle, meanwhile at the jungle the Kong Banana Hoard is stolen by King K. Rool and the Kritters with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in hot pursuit when they find their bananas they are hit by King K. Rool's Trophy Ray and he, like the Wario Bros starts a trophy collection but is ambushed by Kirby causing him to loose Diddy's trophy while keeping DK's, Kirby revives Diddy and the two chase after K. Rool, they defeat him in combat but his trophy falls into a yellow portal, Diddy goes over to revive DK but Bowser drops in handed Trophy Ray, Kirby Inhales Diddy and jumps off a cliff to save them.At the Ruined Zoo where Megaman is located on the run from the demon army troops but is ambushed by a mind controled Kuckles, he attempts to kidnap him but is hit by an energy blast from Silver forcing him to flee into a portal leaving a number of troops behind who the two fight off.Back with Tails's group the five are walking at the lake shore until Wario and Waluigi grab Tails with their Trophy Rays and turn him into a trophy before adding him to their collection,Link shoots out their engine and the team give chase and find them trieng to repair their vehicle but before they can confront the two they drive into a portal Sonic/Mario follows them in but the portal closes afterwards.Back with Diddy Kong and Kirby, Knuckles arrives and turns Diddy into a trophy but Kirby inhales his Trophy Ray and defeats Knuckles in combat freeing him from his mind control but Wario and Waluigi nab Kirby and Diddy with Waluigi's Trophy Ray but Sonic/Mario arrives steels the ray while reviving Kirby and Diddy while the Wario Bros. flee, Kirby revives Knuckles and the four chase after them, the two manage to escape by entering the Cave and blocking the entrance with a boulder which Knuckles makes various attempts to destroy and Kirby to Inhale.Inside the two meet Bowser who takes their trophies to be mind controlled on the Halberd.At the Halberd Peach/Amy is fighting through many demons until she finds Amy/Peach's trophy who has not been brainwashed yet, she revives her counterpart and the two team up, they eventualy find Bowser who is still in possesion of the trophies the Wario Bros. collected and DK the two defeat him in combat and revive four teaming up and staying on the Halberd as it goes to the research facility to brainwash the trophies (who unbeknowst to the demon army have been revived). Back with Silver and Megaman who are now venturing at the lake shore, they eventualy encounter Mario/Sonics group and team up. Meanwhile at the swamp the Pokemon Trainer is looking for his pokemon stolen by the demon army he eventually finds Wario and Waluigi with Ivasaur and Charizards trophys, he returns the two to their Poke'Balls and battles the Wario Bros, his pokemon defeat them and their trophies are sucked into a portal replacing them with Team Star Wolf who defeat all of his pokemon, luckily Falco arrives at the scene followed by Yoshi's group and they all team up, the pokemon trainer recalls his pokemon and they battle Team Star Wolf, the villanous team survive and leave on Wolfens (exept Wolf who leaves on a Wolfen II) leaving a monster known as Firoen to battle the heroes, they defeat the demon as it desolves into lava, Falco contacts Krystal who arrives in the Great Fox allowing the team to escape with their lives. However Jigglypuff, who was at the swamp at the time is caught in it and turned into a trophy before being kidnapped by Mewtwo who orders the Wolfen to get rid of the location which it does with the same method of destroying the Midair Staduim while he escapes to the Plains. Back on the Halberd which is now at the Research Facility, Peach's group brake out and search the facility eventually finding Samus and R.O.B. who they team up with and at the end they find Pichu inside a device draining his electric power, Solid Snakes Cardbord Box and Mr. Game and Watch trapped in video game, after rescuing Pichu they use a machine to enter it themselves and free Mr Game and Watch from the cell he was in but realise they can't get out of the Flat Zone. Back in the facility Snake emerges from his box and, pleased with what he has seen, frees the team from their video game prison and they break out of the facility and escape after Tails calls the Tornado 2.Meanwhile back in the facility a shadow is told to get rid of the group by Ganondorf before leaving via portal.Meanwhile at the plains Mewtwo is hurrying with Jigglypuffs trophy to the research facility but is ambushed by Shadow, Shadow revives Jigglypuff and they defeat Mewtwo turning him into a trophy, Shadow is about to leave when Jigglypuff grabs onto his leg while makes various attempts to shake her off until realising she wont leave him and Chaos Controls them to a currently unknown location, at the Safari Baby Luigi is walking scarcly before being ambushed by a Firi and ducks down in fear until his brother:(Baby Mario) saves him and the two team up encountering Bowsers Minions and Piranha Plants in the Generators and eventualy find who was behind it:a Shadow Mario who reverts back to Bowser Jr and battles the two and looses when his farther drops in about to kidnap the two until an Airwing arrives and Krystal ejects and defeats Bowser in combat with them and brings them back to the Great Fox via Airwing before the halberd arrives and gets rid of the safari (along with Bowser and Bowser Junior), back with Tails and his group, the shadow attacks the Tornado 2 to the point of destroying it and reveals his identity:Metal Sonic but leaves before they can engage him in combat leaving the Halberd to get rid of the location while they try to shoot it down and are about to disapear when an "unknown force" teleports them away, Tails then wakes up in the Wilds where their saviour is revealed:Shadow and the group travel to the canyon. At the cave where Lucas and Ness are reveled to be located, the two are fighting the demon army forces and eventualy find a monster known as Eartheon and defeat it at the exit, Ness's PK Flash manages to destroy the boulder and the two explain that Wario and Waluigi are no longer in the cave and Captain Olimar arrives in his rocket offering the group a ride which they accept. Meanwhile Captain Falcon is in battle with the halberd in his Falcon Flyer and manages to board it finding the trophys of the Ice Climbers and Toon Link and reviving them the three eventualy find the monster Iceon who they defeat and escape back to the Falcon Flyer.Meanwhile at the Wilds where Ike and Marth are located and fighting demon army troops they eventualy find the canyon as well where a monster known as Iceon attacks them with his Iciris, luckily Mario/Sonic's five man group arrives and takes care of the troops and they all fight and defeat Iceon together. Then the Great Fox arrives with Fox, Falco, Krystal, Yoshi, Link, Meowth, the Baby Mario Bros and the Pokemon Trainer while the Rocket arrives with Olimar, Knuckles, Kirby, Sonic/Mario, Diddy Kong, Ness and Lucas and finaly, the Falcon Flyer with Captain Falcon, Toon Link and the Ice Climbers, they then all join together to make one big team.It then shows images of the Halberd destroying many more areas and then shifts back to the present where they are about to blast the entire ocean into the unknown until the team arrives in various aircrafts:(the Great Fox, the Falcon Flyer, Samus's ship, the Tornado 2 and the Hocket Rocket) when Kirby arrives and destroys the "face" of the Halberd creating an entrance where they fly into the demon armys dimension:Hyperspace.They defeat many of the troops, meanwhile the remaining villains are on the way to Master Hand to report their faliure when he is freed from possesion of the demon army leader Elementragon who defeats all of them and sends them to different locations of Hyperspace (which were pulled in through the cource of the game) when the team arrive and they are defeated too and are also sent to different areas.Somewhere in Hyperspace the trophies of Luigi, Zelda and Pit fall from the sky and revive eachother upon collision and travel through the different areas rescuing the smashesrs on the way before the final confrontation with Elementragon who almost defeats them again when Lucario appears out of nowhere and destroys the gem on his neck destroying the attack when the events before this are revealed:When Elementragon first started the invasion, Lucario discovered this and formed a team with Luigi, Zelda, Pit, Kirby, Shadow, Knuckles, R.O.B, Silver, Pichu, Megaman and Mr Game and Watch to stop them, early the demon army invaded the Halberd and captured Meta Knight and the group pursued it, Knuckles gave himself up early in the Forest so the rest of the team could get away, Elementragon then posesed the dead body of Master Hand and recruited Bowser, Bowser Jr, King K Rool, Wario, Waluigi, Ganondorf, Wolf, Panther, Leon, Mewtwo and Metal Sonic to help take the group out, later when they invaded the demon armys Research Facility they found plans for the Trophy Rays and the machine used to mind control the helpless smashers which is where Pichu (who was used as a power source), R.O.B. and Mr Game and Watch (who was traped in a video game) were captured while the rest of the group fleed, the demon army the used the Halberd to steal Star Foxes reflector technoligy for construction of the the Trophy Rays under Wolfs command which led the intergalactic heroes into conflict as well, Solid Snake also noticed the suspicious activity went to spy on the army (which explains his presence in the Research Facility), the demon army then captured the Ice Climbers and Toon Link who never got delivered to the facility for an unknown reason, Bowser Jr then took over the Safari to assist in the invasion, the group then boarded the Halberd where the mind controled R.O.B. and Knuckles took Luigi and Zelda out, unfortunatley R.O.B. went out of control before being deactivated and put in the Research Facility, Lucario then asked Pit to take them to Sky World, which unfortunatly had allready been taken over by the army who blasted them off the planet leaving them a long trip back down.Tired of Lucario's threats to his plans, Elementragon then cursed him so he would be frozen in time on Glacial Peak until enough power was against Elementragon and Kirby, Shadow, Yoshi, Silver and Megaman were forced to go into hiding until they could find a way to gather more power to free Lucario before the events of the Demon Sage took place. The group succefuly defeat Elementragon and the entire Demon Army and Hyperspace along with him, and the areas where released from his grasp.

Trivia Edit

  • Alough the Tornado 2 was earliar destroyed by Metal Sonic, it somehow reapears in the Halberd Assault scene
  • The scene where Kirby destroys the "face" of the Halberd with the Dragoon is a clear refrence to Brawls Subspace Emiserry where he does the same to the Subspace Gunship
  • Hyperspace is similair to Subspace
  • Another reference to the Subspace Emiserry is the Halberd Assault scene which is similair to the Gunship Scene
  • The last two references are Master Hand being controled and both of the villains having an attack capable of turning all the Smashers in the surounding area into Trophys

World of Fight Story Edit

After the World of Light, peace has been restored to the World of Trophies, new characters have joined the world and all is fine until the following events take place.

Another brawl begins


Smackdown! Edit

Startable Edit

Image Name
Final Destination (Smash Bros)
Castle Dedede (Kirby)
Comet Observatory (Mario)
Death Egg (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Pokemon Staduim 3 (Pokemon)
Gangplank Galleon (Donkey Kong)
Quility Square (Kirby)
Zebes (Metroid)
Secret Altar (Mario)
Pokemon Island (Pokemon)
Special Stage (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Flat Zone 3 (Game & Watch)
Hyrule Forest (Legend of Zelda)
Hyper Zone (Kirby)
Corona Mountain (Mario)
City Trial (Kirby)
Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Twinleaf Town (Pokemon)

Unlockable Edit

Image Name How to Unlock
Donut Plains (Mario)
New Pork City 2 (Earthbound)
Treasure Town (Pokemon)
Pirate Ship 2 (Legend of Zelda)
Float Islands (Kirby)

Nation Battle Edit

Already available Edit

Image Name Universe
Battlefield Super Smash Bros.
Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Mushroom Kingdom IV Mario
Galaxy Tour Mario
Bowser's Castle Mario
Ancient-ish Kingdom Mario
Super Happy Tree Yoshi
WarioWare, inc. Wario
Kong Trials Donkey Kong
Hyrule Forest Legend of Zelda
Skyward Voyage Legend of Zelda
Galar Pokemon League Pokemon
Special Stage Sonic the Hedgehog

References to other games Edit

  • Donkey Kong: 100m is a stage based off the stage with the same name.
  • Super Mario Bros.: The formation of Brick Blocks and Question Blocks in Mushroom Kingdom and Nation Battle's Ancient-ish Kingdom (originally Mushroomy Kingdom) is the same as the 1st formation of them in World 1-1.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Special Stage is similar to the game's Special Stages.

Trivia Edit

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