The 7 Deadly Elementals are 2 groups of Kooplings that are either The Main 7 Deadly Elementals or The Minor 7 Deadly Elementals. Matthew von Koopa is the leader of both groups and Flame Koopa being the leader of the Minor 7. Here is the list of the clans:

The Main 7 Deadly Elementals Edit

Name Element Description
Matthew von Koopa Sky The oldest koopaling. His skin color is rainbow and he is the smartest koopaling.
Nolan Koopa Water The most hyper koopaling. He has a swirl in one of his eyes. He is the third tallest.
Aidan Koopa Earth A koopaling with the power of telekinesis. He is the 2cd shortest koopaling.
Niko Koopa Jr. Dark The most mature koopaling who is also obese. He doesn't like immaturity and prefers to compose music.
Aiva Opel Koopa Electricity The only female of the Main 7 who was from another dimension. She is the tallest koopaling. She will either act immature, smart, or brawny if she is bored.
Abel Koopa Fire The most aggressive koopaling. He is an alternate counterpart of Larry Koopa.
Austin Koopa Ice The youngest of the Main 7, being 13. He is serious and gets chased by Sugar Koopa.

The Minor 7 Deadly Elementals Edit

Name Element Description
Patricia Koopa Ice The oldest of the Minor 7, being 18. She wears a bra and jeans
Aaron Koopa Dark The youngest of the Minor 7, being 7. His belly is blue.
Wail Koopa Sky The most bad Koopling. He rides on a cloud like Lakitu.
Booster Koopa Water The smartest of the Minor 7. He looks like Axl from Nexo Knights.
Flame Koopa Fire The middle age Koopling. His hair look lile flames. He is the leader.
Eddie Koopa Jr. Earth The Koopling from the space. He feels like an ghost.
Andrew von Koopa Power The second youngest. He is serious and wields an sword.

Minor 7 Age Restrictions Edit

  • Aaron Koopa (youngest)
  • Andrew von Koopa (2nd youngest)
  • Wail Koopa (3rd youngest)
  • Flame Koopa (middle age)
  • Booster Koopa (3rd oldest)
  • Eddie Koopa Jr. (2nd oldest)
  • Patricia Koopa (oldest)

They born in order: Patricia, Eddie, Booster, Flame, Wail, Andrew, Aaron.

Trivia Edit

  • Patricia is the only koopaling in the Minor 7 right now.
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