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Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of The Land Before Yoshi II: Big Water Adventure written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "The Cavern".


(On the other side of the forest, Ichy is still riding on Dil in the river while searching for food to hunt)

  • Ichy: Dil, how's process of the hunt doing?
  • Dil: It's just the start of a new work. I'm still starving.
  • Ichy: We'll find some food when we get there.
  • Dil: Don't push me to wait. I already waited like 30 times during our first hunt.
  • Ichy: You're not messing up my day, are you?
  • Dill: Of course not!
  • Ichy: No creeps will cross on our path.
  • Dil: No sign of dangers in the swamp.
  • Ichy: It's creepy crawling, with a little pinch of sharp.
  • Dil: Will you stop guessing?
  • Ichy: What? I was just being curious of how the swamp would go.
  • Dil: We should have been focusing on the baby dinosaurs, not your intense of biologically.
  • Ichy: What should i do next? Use a wood-made binoculars to spy on the kids? That's crazy.
  • Dil: Well you're crazy.
  • Ichy: I wouldn't be crazy if i were your dad, idiot.
  • Dil: Who's the idiot in here?
  • Ichy: You are.
  • Dil: What? What did i do to deserve this?
  • Ichy: Don't make me choke on you.
  • Dil: My neck is big. You're small and your small feathers won't choke on my neck. So HA!
  • Ichy: Grow up.
  • Dil: Get a life.
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