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The Yoshi revolutionary war was a rebellion that established the Yoshi Republic. It lasted from 1957 to 1963.

Pre War[]

Yoshi's Island, and the other geographical areas of Dinosaur Land used to be colonies of Dark Land. Koopas and Goombas settled there and started abusing their power to the Yoshi natives. The Yoshi's grew particularly restless after the events of Yoshi's Island when Yoshi and his friends went against the overmasters by rescuing the baby Mario brothers from Kamek. After that Yoshi and his friends established a group called the Dinosaurs of Liberty. They gained support from other Yoshi's. After the Yoshi's attacked Baby Bowser's castle Yoshi's Island was turned into a storybook as a punishment. However the Yoshi's managed to defeat Baby Bowser and turn Yoshi's Island back to normal. The Yoshi's decided to declare independence and have a rebellion against the Tyrannical King Morton Koopa Sr and form their own nation independent from Dark Land.

The War[]

The Yoshi Rebellion led by General Yoshi fought for independence. It was a long war that lasted for 6 years. During the first years of the war (1957-59) the Koopa-Goomba coalition mounted a number of offensives that found a good deal of success, punishing the Yoshi rebels severely. The winter of 1959-60 saw the Koopa-Goomba alliance driving the Yoshi Rebellion onto home turf. His rebellion in dire straits, General Yoshi himself organized a counter-offensive,The exact date and location of which have been lost to the ages (but it was assumed to have taken place in the summer months of 1960 and launched from Yoshi's Island). Under General Yoshi's leadership, the Yoshi Rebellion blunted the Koopa-Gomba Coalition's seemingly unstoppable invasion, marking the end of the blitzkrieg phase of the war, with both sides bogged down in a war of attrition that lasted from fall 1960 to winter 1961. In December 1961, the Mushroom Kingdom entered the war on the side of the Yoshi Rebellion, giving the cause exactly what it needed to put the Koopa-Goomba Coalition on the defensive, reclaiming occupied territory. Finally after the Battle of the Twin bridges the Yoshi's won independence. The Yoshi Republic was established and Yoshi was elected to be the first President.

List of War Crimes[]

  • Mario repeatedly executed POW's
  • The Yoshi's used chemical warfare, including mustard gas and Sarin gas
  • Multiple horrible crimes committed during trench warfare.
  • Civilian children were used as meat shields.
  • The fingers have been removed from all captured civilians.
  • Farmlands were constantly destroyed.
  • Genocide of Yellow Yoshi's by Goombas.