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Date of Birth July 15, 1974
Age 44
Race Toad
Home Land Toad Castle
Date of death Still Alive
Height About the size of normal toads
Hair Color No hair
Eye Color Light Blue
Gender Male
Store Toad's Tiles
Birth Unknown
Skin Color tan
Protection Stays at Toads Castle where he is Protected

"Hello, Mario/Luigi. My name is Toadark and I want to help me to save Peach from Bowser.

-Toadark, Super Mario Star Journey

Toadark is the brother of Toad and Runs his own Store in the Mushroom Kingdom.


Toadark was born 4 weeks before Toad. When he was young he disliked some of the members of the toad brigade such as red toad, green toad and yellow toad. He always wanted to own something and be the boss So he could do what he wants with the corporation that he would be running. And when he was growing up he always wanted to be in charge. Toadark was able to get into Haselcron University. He did still have a problem in college for what his future job would be. When Toadark graduated he raised enough money to open up a store in the mushroom kingdom.

About Toadark And his StoreEdit

Toadark owns his own Store called "Toad Tiles". In college he discovered a portal that can generate any object in the entire world. a customer says what he/she wants to come out of the portal and then the portal searches for the object. Once the object is fully out of the portal, Toadark puts a price on it and the customer can buy it. Toadark opened his store in 2001 and is still doing well business in the mushroom kingdom and in 2004 his store was elected best supply store in the kingdom. Toadarks modo is "When hardness comes, we keep fighting!". Toadark said the modo to his brothers and they all decided to make it the "Toad Modo" and you shall never disrespect it. In 2006 Toadark went on a adventure to find a island that his grandpa Toadsen, always said was real and he would one day search for it himself. But because Toadsen died when toadark was 14 Toadark decided to go find the island himself. Toadsen called the island Clover Island. It was a place where nothing could ever go wrong. When Toadark was on his adventure in the fingtail ocean, he had to deal with many difficulties such as pirañas, squids that shoot deadly ink and under water boos that would eventually come out of the water. Toadark looked for the island for 3 weeks, but sadly he never was able to find clover island.