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Toad (brother)
10th January, 1972
Toad Town
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Toadette is a female playable character in many Mario Fanon games. Sometimes she works with the Toad Brigade.


Toadette was born in 10th January, 1972 (her brother jokes about it being called, 'weird wednesday') . A few months after this, she learned to crawl. And 11 months later, she learned to walk. Her parents were surprises at her success and when she turned 4, they took her to St. Toadwarry Elementary. She then went to kindergarden where, coincedentally, her cousin, Toadark, also enrolled there. They then became best friends(but were teased many times about being boyfriend and girlfriend). 15 years later, they met again at college. They graduated 2 years later and were eventually married. They lived in peace until one day, Bowser turned her into a block and she remained that way for 1 week until the Mario bros. came.


Toadette is an energetic person that enjoys playing games...if they're chosen on her favor. This includes: Toadopoly, Mushroomer Chess, and Hide-and-Go-Seek. Toadette's favorite food is an Ultra Mushroom. Mainly because her favorite color is green. Although she is very fierce to enemies of the Toad Brigade, her weakness is that she always forgives someone(even Bowser!) unless they break her trust twice. Even though she's very small(because she is a Toad), Toadette tries to imagine herself taller than other people.




Media Appearences[]

Warioz's Amazing Adventures[]

Toadette appears in the episode Super Chef Cook-Off, where she and Toadita team up to try to win the cook-off.