Toadster (known as a standard Kinopio in Japan) is just a main team player to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Background Edit

He was just a plain toad from the start, with gold vest, red spots, blue shoes, green pants, resembling a Mega Mushroom. But that was a first time of the whole kingdom to have that look, Toadster went to toad town after he was old enough. He found out of Bowser's attempts and failures to kidnap the princess due to Mario and Luigi. He then tried to find either of them, but failed 14 times, the 15th time he saw them, he just introduced himself. He was pretty happy to meet the Mario brothers.

Involvement Edit

He often protects the Toad Town from Bowser's army, anytime, anywhere. His weapon of choice, the ice flower, is what he uses to freeze them and sends them off as blocks of ice to Bowser, hilarious he might say. Toadster can also use other power-ups.

He also uses the Fire flower in terms of emergency, like Magikoopas with ice spells and Sun with her ice power. His shell suit makes a good Koopa disguise. Even in front of Bowser it works! Toadster can also grab the Tanooki Leaf in order to escape quicker. So far as well the ice flower turns him into Ice Toadster, like Mario goes Ice Mario, with the power to walk on water. He is sure a good team player.

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Enemies/rivals Edit

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