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Wario in Mario Party 8.
Born November 10 1983 (age 38)
Underneath a Rock
Nationality The Kitchen Isles
Known for Being greedy
Home town Bridgeton
Relatives Baby Wario (son)
Waluigi (brother)
Rosalina (sister-in-law) not in Bowser MWAHAHA
Baby Waluigi (nephew)
Baby Rosalina (niece)not in Bowser MWAHAHA
Mario (cousin)
Luigi (cousin)
Peach (cousin-in-law)
Daisy (cousin-in-law)
Baby Mario (second cousin)
Baby Luigi (second cousin)
Baby Peach (second cousin)
Baby Daisy (second cousin)
Unnamed parents
Papa (uncle)
Unnamed aunt
29 Generations (ancestors)
4 Cousins (cousins)

Wario is Waluigi's big brother. In New Super Wario Bros. Wii, he saved Dr. Bleach. He has saved Dr. Bleach from the Toad Brigade a lot.

He makes a minor appearance in the movie Wario and Treasure Video Games Nintendo.


Wario was born in 1979. When he was about 1 year old his little brother was born. Baby Wario and Baby Waluigi lived in Los Angeles. For some reason, they crossed paths with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. That started a rivalry that would last forever. When they grew up, the Wario Bros fell in a Warp Pipe and they ended up in the Koopa Kingdom. When Toadsworth and his army kidnapped Dr. Bleach, Wario and Waluigi went to save her. Later, Toadsworth was joined by the Toad Brigade, a group of six/seven Toads. When they kidnapped Dr. Bleach again, the Wario bros went to save her.

Wario in Brawl


Super Mario Bros. And Iceland[]

In the game, WarioWare, Inc. is attacked by the Koopa Troop. So he and Waluigi have to defend it, which they are unsuccessful. However, Mario and Luigi go through Diamond City not knowing where they were. When the bros. arrive at the WarioWare building, the Wario Bros. thanked them, and they joined them to defeat Bowser. But they fail. THEN MONA STRAIGHT UP DECKS BOWSER AND THEN HE DIES AND MONA IS CELEBRATED SINCE THE OTHER GUYS FAILED AND...

Wario and Toadiaso Series[]

Wario at some point teamed up with the hero Toadiaso to hunt for treasure (as long as Wario gets "99%" of the cut).

Mario All-Star Sluggers[]

Wario appears in Mario All-Star Sluggers as a team captain. When chosen, his team is called the Wario Miners. His stats are:

Stat Ranking
Batting 9/10
Pitching 4/10
Catching 5/10
Running 2/10

His All-Star Moves are:

Move Ability Type Description
Stink Ball Batting, exhausts fumes on the ball and bats it out. The stench causes outfielders to gag, making them stop.
Fake-Out Ball Pitching Wario creates a fake ball and throws both balls at the batter.
Shoulder Bash Dash Running Wario does a shoulder bash runs across the bases.

Super Mario Smash[]

Wario appears in Super Mario Smash as a playable character. His move set is about the same as in Smash 4.

Mario Smashers[]

Wario is a playable fighter in Mario Smashers.


he is a bad guy in Bowser MWAHAHA he steals Goomboss's Power Stars.

Input Name Effect
Standard Special Garlic Breath Wario leans and shoots a rotten garlic ball at opponents. It stuns them for 3 seconds, but does a low persentage of damage.
Side Special Wario Charge Wario dashes forwards in a tackle pose and will do high percentage of damage. You can charge Wario's move before running.
Down Special Bike Bash Wario will quickly board his bike and spin around doing damage. It can also be charged and is mobile.
Up Special Gassy Boost Wario uh...farts, and does damage to opponents below him, it also gives him a huge boost, and is also how he recovers.
Final Smash Metal Wario A metal box appears above Wario he punches it and turns into Metal Wario. Wario's damage is doubled and he is faster and takes very low percentage from powerful attacks. His side special will temporarily bury opponents if charged fully.

Media Appearences[]

Warioz's Amazing Adventures[]

Wario appears in the television series Warioz's Amazing Adventures as the main character. The show will follow his adventures. He gives the viewer a tour of the Mushroom Kingdom in Wario's Welcome. In Taco Quest, Wario and Waluigi try to steal a taco from Taco Gang. Wario and his brother also team up to win a cook-off in Super Chef Cook-Off. In Wario vs. Boom Boom, Wario has to train for a rematch with Boom Boom.



Wario can do a shoulder bash in Wario Land and fart on people.