Super Mario Fanon

Yoshi Island is a place in Planet Plit. Here, there are many places located, like Donut Plains, Passionfruit Hills, or Forest of Illusion. Yoshis are residents here. The ruler is Yoshi King. The main languages heard here is Yoshigan and English. In the beach next to Soda Lake, Yoshis can make campings, play beach volleyball and swim. Yoshis can also ride a free Yoshi train, visit the Donut Plains Amusement Park or watch ice hockey matches in Yoshi Island National Hockey Stadium.

There are many schools in the Yoshi Island. The one that everybody knows is Yoshi Egg High School. The team competiting in soccer is named Yoshi Island Hatchers, and the team competiting in ice hockey is named Yoshi Island Frost-Eggs. The Frost-Eggs also own a stadium located in Passionfruit Hills, known as Frost-Eggs Hockey Stadium.


Yoshi's Island is a big island with many famous places like Donut Plains Amusement Park and Soda Lake. The ruler of the whole island is Yoshi King, and his castle is located at the top of the Egg Mountain. Because Yoshi King's Great Castle is big, it features many buildings attached to it. Yoshi's Island features many schools like the Yoshi Egg High School. Many Yoshis can watch matches of hockey teams in Yoshi Island National Hockey Stadium, Frost-Eggs Hockey Stadium, or an another hockey stadium found in the island.

Sports Leagues[]

Frostbite Cup[]

Frostbite Cup is the main competition of ice football sport. The cup takes place on Frostbite Ridge. The final match takes place in Frost-Eggs Hockey Stadium instead. Each team has 8 players (along with goalkeeper) and 2 players sitting on the bench. After the 1st round ends, 8 best teams are taken to quarter finals. After the quarter finals end, the semi-finals decide who goes to the finals. Before the finals, a match will decide who lands on 3rd place.

Yoshi's Island Hockey Championship[]

This championship decides who is the best team in Yoshi's Island. 16 teams of 11 (plus players sitting on the benches) of Yoshi's Island compete in a hockey championship. The winner of the finals gets golden hockey sticks for the whole team.


Mario Sports Central[]

Yoshi's Island and Passionfruit Hills are playable sports arenas in Mario Sports Central. These arenas are available from the start.