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Flag of the Yoshi Republic

The Democratic Free Republic of The Lands of Dinosaur World aka Yoshi Republic is the nation that owns mariowiki:Dinosaur Land except for the mariowiki:Valley of Bowser which is still part of Dark Land.


The Yoshi Republic is a Parliamentary Democratic Presidential Republic where there is President Yoshi who is the head of the Executive Branch and has powers to sign or veto laws and also the head of state. There is a Parliament which is the legislature with a Prime Minister which is the head of Parliment. Parliment consists of the House of Commons and the House of Representatives. Then there is the Judiciary who interprets whether the laws are constitutional in the PDPRULDW Constitution. Here is an example of how the government would work. If a law was to be made it would be created by Parliament and then it would be interpreted by the Judiciary, and then the President would sign it.


The lands that would later become the Yoshi Republic were former territories of Dark Land. The Yoshi's got fed up and had the Yoshi Revolutionary War. The Mushroom Kingdom helped the Yoshi Rebellion gain independence. Since their independence the Yoshi Republic depends on the Mushroom Kindom and imports 68% of their goods from the Mushroom Kingdom.